Hi! I’m Dave.

In 2009 I quit my job working with computers, sold everything I owned, and bought a bicycle setting forth for a ’round the world journey from my hometown of Vancouver BC, Canada. I wasn’t a cyclist to begin with and figured it would be a good way to travel and interact with people – Since then I’ve traveled (48,152km) through different conditions and areas undergoing major changes in every aspect of life. You can read my journal postings and look at photos, and find out information on equipment reviews, packing lists, statistics and other resources to aid other people wishing to embark on long term bicycle touring adventures, or those looking to take a step back from the conventional way of life. I’d love for you to show your support!

I’m currently in Africa! (Lusaka, Zambia)

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  • @TickInTime My absence has caused probably a few concerns! Alive, back walking now, and even small cycling. I am hoping to move in 1 month.
    3 months ago