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Have been filling out the equipment section of this site a bit, eventually once each of the pieces are used I will write a detailed review on it.

I decided I will take my SLR camera with me, even though it is bigger, it is a wonderful camera, and I have barely used it. I nearly lost it in the past couple of weeks, and am glad to have it back. The one drawback is that it doesn’t allow me to take video, so I do ponder with a point and shoot compact model – but I have a bit of time to decide. Most mobile phones, have the capability of recording videos, and on overall longevity, I’ve found that digital video just doesn’t last over time due to proprietary and aging formats.

I’ve also been tossing around ideas on what sort of sleeping bag to get. Synthetic? Down? Mummy? Barrel? More than likely I will opt for the down, but think I need to spend a couple hours at the Outdoor Equipment store and lie down for 10 minutes in each.

I’m also thinking about comfort, should I be getting specific riding shoes? I did see some unique pedals that allowed you to use regular shoes, and the clip in shoes depending on what side you will use. From what I understand, the difference is night and day. I think I need to talk with to someone with a bit more expertise.

It’s been snowing here like mad for the past 2 weeks and the roads are impossible to ride on! I did however see one hardcore rider outside in the pouring rain today, so I think it may be time for me to get back on the bike. I’m dying to ride!

Happy New Year, and looking forward to you the reader coming back in 2009.

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