Finally, a sore butt.

/ Tuesday, 27 January 2009 / Canada

The snow finally melted enough for me to be able to get out on my bike multiple times and for long distances in the past few days, until I awoke to see MORE snow coming down! Weather is supposed to warm up nicely which should make things easier – which at that point maybe the street cleaners will come out and get rid of the gravel covering all the bike lanes!

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reading through the journals at Crazy Guy on a Bike and it has allowed me to understand first hand the types of tools, and upgrades I may want to perform on my bicycle before I do the world tour.

1st up – Definitely going to upgrade my tires to the Schwalbe Marathon XR tires, once I burn out these WTB Slickasaurus – likely after the trip to San Francisco. If I wear them out I will put the wire beaded ones on the bike, and carry a foldable Kevlar model on the trip. Would be highly unlikely I would blow two tires at one time, or would I?

Next up – the constant back and forth with people, should I upgrade to the Brooks B17 Saddle? Some people swear by it, some people hate it, but it has 100 years of solid reviews behind it, and I haven’t quite found a problem with my existing WTB saddle. Since I have one already I should likely be focusing on purchasing the remainder of my gear.

Have made the decision to drop a wad on a decent Hilleberg Nallo GT 2 tent, it’s ultra expensive, but ultra weather proof, and will last me a lifetime. When (If) I come back I will likely be able to recoup the majority of the costs. Or hand it down from generation to generation! These things are handmade and will survive a bomb blast.

One thing I am struggling with right now, is a saddle bag. Typically one is used to store tools and other minor bike parts for maintenance. Im looking for a waterproof bag, likely from Ortlieb or Axiom to store all the parts, but considering some of the places I will visit, I also want to maximize the amount of water I’ll be carrying with me, and I have found a nice little dual bottle holder that will allow me to carry 5 bottles overall. Now – my only concern, will they butt into each other, especially since I will have an Ortlieb rack bag as well? Time will tell.

A rough draft of my route is being put together, and its turning into quite a doozy. Originally I was intending on skipping a few countries over safety concerns, and planning on coming back to do the Africa end later on a few years later, but – something in me has told me I need to do it all now. If this is the clearing of my head, the hope in humanity requirement I have been searching for, then I need to complete Europe, Asia, AND Africa at once, before returning to Canada.

So that’s where I’m at. Snow begone!

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