Airline Robbery

/ Thursday, 4 June 2009 / Canada

I spent a little bit of time looking at various airfares online. Since the goal to leave to Ireland is on March 1st, I’ve obviously got to shop around because let’s face it – getting out of Vancouver, BC is going to be as easy as getting putting together a large puzzle with a blind fold on. If you aren’t aware – we’ve got the 2010 winter olympics occurring, sure to cause a disruption in getting in and out of the province – and the capitalists are already rubbing their grubby little hands together.

Take this for example:

Vancouver BC, Canada (YVR) -> Dublin, Ireland (DUB) – via air Canada$1733 inclusive of taxes.

Well thank goodness that the taxes are included. Oh, and that is one way, economy.

If one wishes to cross the Canada – USA border, one can go to the next major airport about 2 hours away at most.

Seattle Washington, USA (SEA) -> Dublin, Ireland (DUB) via Continental for $413 inclusive of taxes.

What the?

I’m really scratching my head trying to understand the difference between 175 kilometres to evoke an airfare that is 4x the amount! As per usual, Canada gets the shaft. What makes this worse, is that I have been dutifully saving my frequent flyer miles for Canadian airlines specifically for this trip. Yup, you’ve guessed it, they are not able to be used for other Airlines.

Further causing frustrations, is the fact that Airlines are charging an obscene amount of money to bring a bike. Now, I understand that bikes are oversized luggage – however when packed properly, i.e. wheels deflated, removed, handlebars turned racks removed – they are actually quite flat and compact. It obviously must be an impact for Delta Airlines to charge $300 each way to transport your bicycle. Obviously other people are up in arms over this fee – only put in place within the past 2 years. A bit of digging came up with a page from the “IBike” website that lists all airlines bicycle fees and policies. Even though that cheap fare on Continental may sound appealing, one must keep in mind the added surcharges.

In the meantime, I’m going to contact Aeroplan to see if I can go ahead and book a flight one way. I’ll have to pay taxes on the flight but maybe it will come out a bit more reasonable than one and a half thousand dollars. I’ve never flown with a bike before, and based on readings on various forums and mailing lists – most people have come out ok without issue – yet there is always that one horror story…

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