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/ Friday, 18 December 2009 / Fun

Sometimes events come up in life that keep you close to home, or maybe sometimes you just don’t want to deal with waking up with a rock in your back, rain coming down upon you in buckets, only being able to find bags of jellybeans and chips in a small store, rotten fruit, and the ever growing population of rabid dogs, or aggressive vehicle operators.

Well, all that has changed, an enterprising Canadian has changed this and created a virtual reality system that uses his stationary bike connected to Google Street View. He’s not entirely complete the project yet, but proof of concept in the video below shows his idea. This looks like a fabulous way to see the world during the winter without having to freeze. Far out!. Check out his site here:

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  1. January 18th, 2010

    Assuming you travel through Sault Ste Marie on the cross canada leg of your tour we (my wife and I) would be glad to host you for a night or two. We are listed and active on the Warm Showers site. We hosted another IT expert? from Vancouver last year.

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