The Final Stretch

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Today was a pivotal day for me in my life. I’m no longer employed with the company that I helped build up a small empire. I can’t even explain how much blood, sweat, tears I caused to myself and to others who were around me. I’ve been working in the IT industry for well over 13 years and lived and breathed it. It gave me the opportunity to flex my skills in problem solving, architecting solutions, and having fun – but also drove me to a little bit of insanity with taking on far too much that I should have at once.

With that, it leaves me with one commitment/asset left over, which is my car. It’s set to be sold at the end of February, and I’ll seriously have nothing, but the bike, bags, and my mind. Unfortunately my mind isn’t entirely with it lately, I’ve been dealing with far too many issues relating to closing all loose ends from work, selling my house, while also moving from my Downtown Vancouver apartment over to a temporary arrangement in the West End, and still struggling with the loss of a dear friend/confidant/partner. Nothing’s ever easy.

I wonder, will I have stress while I am on the road? Will it just be compartmentalized to a day/week while in a difficult situation like weather, unsafe people, dogs? It seems the reason why I am doing this trip is for adventure, exposure to new things, and building new memories and my curiosity is running wild.

I have a few things to do to the Bike to get it ready – 1 being an extra stem, to remount my Ortlieb Handlebar Bag to have more real estate in the cockpit, It’s also time to change to some nicer handlebar tape, and replace my brakes with some Kool-Stop Salmon pads. The customary spare tubes will come along as well, however I should be in good shape as there seems to be ample bike stores along the way in Canada.

Another purchase that was made recently was an Acer 1410 UltraPortable laptop. It runs one of the new Core2Duo Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processors which is about 4 times as powerful as a netbook, has a similar footprint, and a way nicer screen resolution. I’m extremely happy with it and will write a review on it shortly. For people who need a bit of horsepower out of a computer for bike riding, I think we have a winner.

Plans for the month: Other than Bicycle Maintenance, a Road Trip to Manitoba – I’d like to patch up some things with some people, say my last goodbyes, Finish some long outstanding web development for this site, namely an application that I can use for logging daily expenses, mileage, and other tidbits, and most importantly have some fun as we’ve got the 2010 Olympics starting in 10 days.

Sort of a not interesting update..

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  1. Waldo
    February 4th, 2010

    At least the house is now off your shoulders!

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