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calendar frontYup, it’s that time again, Christmas is coming, and also the start of a new year – for some the year where the world ends, but we all know that’s not too likely. Anyways, if it does, rest assured that your calendar will be 98% used before December 21. I collected a series of photographs that were taken over the course of my travels in 2011 in Canada, USA, and Africa and have published them using an online service. You can purchase the calendar to give to your friends, hang on your wall, or collect if you so wish. The printing process is a bit expensive and cumbersome for me to do on my own so I have utilized a third party to accept payment and handle shipping – where I’ll receive 20% of the sale and they’ll handle the rest.

I’ve loaded it with Canada, USA, and UK holiday dates and hope that you’ll like some of the photos I’ve included this year – Last year was a great success and hopefully this years will be more of the same. Any profit I make off the calendars will go to keeping me on the road with food, water, and shelter. It’s appreciated!

If you’d like to purchase one, click on the calendar image, or go here. Thanks for your support!

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