Population: 751,273 people
Area: 72908 sq/ kilometres

Je me souviens - Once known as New France, and then Lower Canada, Quebec has hundreds of years of history, with a twist. The official language is French. Beautiful landscapes, historical sites, and excellent nightlife add mystique to this province of Canada that welcomes anyone regardless of whatever language you speak.

My Experience

New Brunswick must have some sort of issue with wanting to have the world's greatest. I encountered the World's largest animals, covered bridges, but the one thing that you can't set in stone and freeze in time is the fact they they possess some of the world's biggest hearts of the people who inhabit the only bilingual province of Canada. As the entrance to the maritimes, rolling landscapes of fields, beautiful waterfalls, and historical sites dot the landscape making it a must see province when trekking through Canada. Riding was easy, and the weather held out for me, with the exception of a few rainy days.


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Journal Entries

The following is a list of journal entries I wrote while travelling through New Brunswick. Click one to read!



Distance Traveled: 707.76 km
Distance Ascended: 4,622 m
Distance Descended: 4,977 m
Energy Consumed: 33,767 calories
Overall Cost: $262.82
    Food: $169.36
    Drink: $50.46
    Transport: $31.00
    Entertainment: $0.00
    Equipment: $12.00
    Misc: $0.10
Longest Day: 2010-10-17 - 119.93 km
Most Climbed: 2010-10-09 - 782.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2010-10-11 - 5298.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2011-04-30 - $ 67.66

Daily Statistics

DateLocationDistance (km)Cost ($CAD)Map
2011-05-02Edmundston, NB, CA0.00$0.00
2011-05-01Edmundston, NB, CA0.00$16.27
2011-04-30Saint John, NB, CA78.80$67.66Map
2010-10-17L'Aboiteau, NB, CA119.93$38.93Map
2010-10-16Brunswick, NB, CA104.89$25.00Map
2010-10-15Fredericton, NB, CA0.00$0.00Map
2010-10-14Fredericton, NB, CA10.69$25.68Map
2010-10-13Fredericton, NB, CA73.78$31.00Map
2010-10-12Millville, NB, CA102.00$25.85Map
2010-10-11Perth-Andover, NB, CA112.62$21.43Map
2010-10-10Edmundston, NB, CA0.00$5.00Map
2010-10-09Edmundston, NB, CA105.05$6.00Map


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