Formed: 1870
Population: 43,529 people
Area: 1,346,106 sq/ kilometres

Northwest Territories joined Canada in 1870 after the Hudsons Bay company relinquished control. It actually has become smaller as Canada has expanded into seperate areas, with the most recent split turning into Nunavut. With 11 official languages, NWT has a wealth of history, and solid family values. For those who are able to visit this area of Canada, its well worth the travels.Government of NWT WebsiteNWT TourismWikipedia Entry

My Experience

I took up the opportunity to ride from the Yukon to the Northwest Territories with a group of filmmakers and book authors in June of 2010. The experience was one of the most difficult times I've ever spent on the saddle, with searing heat, thousands of bugs relentlessly attacking you, gravel roads, no services for extreme stretches, and tonnes of wild animals threatening the ride on a daily basis. However, the reward at the end was worth all the toil and trouble and I fell in love with the capital city, Yellowknife, so much that I went back a few weeks later without my bike. Northwest Territory has a warm community, strong values and a mystique associated with it that sets it apart from any other province or territory I have visited yet.


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Journal Entries



Distance Traveled: 1009.34 km
Distance Ascended: 4,703 m
Distance Descended: 4,986 m
Energy Consumed: 42,209 calories
Overall Cost: $1,781.13
    Food: $497.50
    Drink: $385.00
    Transport: $833.63
    Entertainment: $22.00
    Equipment: $13.25
    Misc: $49.75
Longest Day: 2010-06-14 - 124.03 km
Most Climbed: 2010-06-14 - 996.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2010-06-19 - 6064.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2010-07-01 - $ 693.88

Daily Statistics

DateLocationDistance (km)Cost ($CAD)Map
2010-08-02Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$262.00
2010-08-01Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-31Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$65.00
2010-07-30Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$62.00
2010-07-29Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-28Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-27Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$61.00
2010-07-26Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-25Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$34.00
2010-07-24Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-23Yellowknife, NWT, CA1.00$0.00
2010-07-22Yellowknife, NWT, CA1.60$32.00
2010-07-21Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-20Yellowknife, NWT, CA3.60$65.00
2010-07-19Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-18Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$102.00
2010-07-17Yellowknife, NWT, CA0.00$0.00
2010-07-01Yellowknife, NWT, CA13.27$693.88Map
2010-06-30Yellowknife, NWT, CA8.15$32.00Map
2010-06-29Yellowknife, NWT, CA36.81$32.00Map
2010-06-28Prelude Lake, NWT, CA36.81$16.00Map
2010-06-27Yellowknife, NWT, CA10.89$20.00Map
2010-06-26Yellowknife, NWT, CA20.20$29.00Map
2010-06-25Yellowknife, NWT, CA6.89$4.75Map
2010-06-24Yellowknife, NWT, CA6.50$60.00Map
2010-06-23Yellowknife, NWT, CA34.79$4.00Map
2010-06-22Yellowknife, NWT, CA18.15$11.00Map
2010-06-21Yellowknife, NWT, CA29.46$82.25Map
2010-06-20Yellowknife, NWT, CA76.12$21.00Map
2010-06-19Yellowknife, NWT, CA122.67$34.25Map
2010-06-18North Bend, NWT, CA111.44$0.00Map
2010-06-17Chan Lake, NWT, CA100.36$38.00Map
2010-06-16Fort Providence, NWT, CA122.61$20.00Map
2010-06-15N61.25927/W122.46255, NWT, CA123.99$0.00Map
2010-06-14N60 26.122/W123 21.198, NWT, CA124.03$0.00Map


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