Located in Africa, Namibia (formally called the Republic of Namibia) can be found at Latitude: -22.57 and Longitutde: 17.083611 occupying 824,292 sq/km of area. At last count, Namibia has the population of 2,171,000 residents (with an annual 1.00% growth rate) who are known as Namibian(s).

The Flag for Namibia

Namibia is a large and sparsely populated country on Africa's southwest coast. The low population can be attributed to the country's harsh geography the coastal Namib Desert, central semiarid mountains, and the Kalahari Desert in eastern Namibia. Ocean currents coming from the south make the coastline cooler and subject to sea fog. About 87 percent of the residents are black, 6 percent are white, and 6.5 percent are mixed. Ovamboland, in northern Namibia, is home to the Ovambo (Owambo) ethnic group, who make up half of Namibia's population. During World War I, South Africa captured Namibia from Germany ethnic Germans are still a sizable minority. Indepen-dence from South Africa was achieved in 1990. The multiparty, multiracial democracy has inherited an economy based on mining (mostly diamonds), tourism, cattle ranching, and fishing.

37% of Namibian(s) live in urban centers, and 85% can read and write one of the many languages such as Oshiwambo, Afrikaans, German, English. Namibian(s) have an average life expectancy rate of 59 years and most follow the Lutheran, other Christian, indigenous beliefs religions. 47% Agriculture of Namibian(s) work in the agriculture industry which produces , and 20% Industry work in the industry producing meatpacking, fish processing, dairy products, mining (diamonds, lead, zinc, tin, silver, tungsten, uranium, copper). Another 33% Services work in the services sector such as tourism and retail environments. diamonds, copper, gold, zinc, lead, uranium, cattle, processed fish, karakul skins are regularly exported to other countries in the world from Namibia. The Gross Domestic Product per capita is $6,400 with 0.70% annual growth.

Namibia uses the telephone country code of 264 and internet hosts use the .na suffix. Namibia uses the Dollar (NAD).


The dollar has been the currency of Namibia since 1993. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively N$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents. The dollar replaced the South African rand, which had been the country's currency while it was under South African rule as South-West Africa 1920-1990. The rand is still legal tender, as the Namibian dollar is linked to the South African rand and can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis locally. Namibia was also part of the Common Monetary Area from independence in 1990 until introduction of the dollar in 1993. Hendrik Witbooi, once a Namaqua chief and instrumental in leading the revolts against German rule at the turn of the 20th century, is depicted on all banknotes.
10 Dollars is the lowest currency bill in circulation as of 2012.

(One Canadian Dollar equals 0 NAD)

My Experience

Road Conditions: The Tar roads are narrow, and the dirt roads are very sandy and broken up ā€“ Stay off the ā€˜Dā€™ roads
Hills: Hills in the centre of the country and some in the west, nothing too steep.
Weather: Hot all the way around the country
Best Beer: Windhoek Draught

Visa Cost: No cost
Visa Length: 90 days


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Journal Entries

The following is a list of journal entries I wrote while traveling through Namibia. Click one to read!



Distance Traveled: 4607.59 km
Distance Ascended: 20,171 m
Distance Descended: 17,856 m
Energy Consumed: 196,964 calories
Overall Cost: $859.81
    Food: $535.01
    Drink: $82.76
    Lodging: $146.39
    Transport: $0.00
    Entertainment: $94.71
    Equipment: $29.51
    Misc: $0.00
Longest Day: 2014-01-20 - 138.27 km
Most Climbed: 2011-11-18 - 952.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2014-01-20 - 5834.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2014-01-18 - $ 112.65

Daily Statistics

DateLocationDistance (km)Cost ($CAD)Map
2014-03-12Ruacana, NA3.00$3.58
2014-03-11Ruacana, NA27.07$28.73Map
2014-03-10Middle of Nowhere, NA67.05$0.00Map
2014-03-09Middle of Nowhere, NA116.94$13.27Map
2014-03-08Opuho, NA69.05$19.86Map
2014-03-07Okamanje, NA124.34$4.67Map
2014-03-06Outapi, NA86.82$9.52Map
2014-03-05Erondo, NA86.04$26.08Map
2014-03-04Otjivelo, NA104.86$3.39Map
2014-03-03Middle of Nowhere, NA115.72$14.18Map
2014-03-02Tsumeb, NA0.00$0.00
2014-03-01Tsumeb, NA8.97$0.00Map
2014-02-28Tsumeb, NA0.00$15.37
2014-02-27Otavi, NA120.73$4.67Map
2014-02-26Otjiwarango, NA90.52$8.24Map
2014-02-25Middle of Nowhere, NA84.03$0.00Map
2014-02-24Okahandja, NA82.98$28.92Map
2014-02-23Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-22Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-21Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-20Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-19Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-18Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-17Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-16Windhoek, NA24.39$0.00
2014-02-15Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-14Windhoek, NA9.65$0.00
2014-02-13Windhoek, NA12.03$0.00
2014-02-12Windhoek, NA3.93$0.00
2014-02-11Windhoek, NA3.05$0.00
2014-02-10Windhoek, NA2.34$0.00
2014-02-09Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-08Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-07Windhoek, NA4.74$0.00
2014-02-06Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-05Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-04Windhoek, NA0.00$0.00
2014-02-03Windhoek, NA9.60$0.00
2014-02-02Windhoek, NA69.64$0.00Map
2014-02-01Middle of Nowhere, NA96.52$9.97Map
2014-01-31Middle of Nowhere, NA90.62$7.69Map
2014-01-30Otjiwarango, NA12.17$18.85
2014-01-29Otjiwarango, NA117.41$15.01Map
2014-01-28Middle of Nowhere, NA104.78$1.83Map
2014-01-27Grootfontein, NA74.37$29.92Map
2014-01-26Middle of Nowhere, NA109.33$26.54Map
2014-01-25Katjinakatji, NA95.79$7.60Map
2014-01-24Rundu, NA$35.05
2014-01-23Rundu, NA130.20$17.57Map
2014-01-22Middle of Nowhere, NA79.29$13.45Map
2014-01-21Divundu, NA0.00$10.07
2014-01-20Divundu, NA138.27$41.45Map
2014-01-19Middle of Nowhere, NA116.82$0.00Map
2014-01-18Middle of Nowhere, NA86.97$112.65Map
2014-01-17Katima Mulilo, NA0.00$6.41
2014-01-16Katima Mulilo, NA55.85$28.05Map
2014-01-16Katima Mulilo, NA55.85$21.64Map
2011-12-19Middle of Nowhere, NA53.47$21.27Map
2011-12-18Gobabis, NA102.64$6.14Map
2011-12-17Middle of Nowhere, NA107.26$0.00Map
2011-12-16Windhoek, NA36.01$13.59Map
2011-12-15Windhoek, NA5.12$0.00Map
2011-12-14Windhoek, NA5.12$6.29Map
2011-12-13Windhoek, NA71.23$12.96Map
2011-12-12Middle of Nowhere, NA62.27$17.37Map
2011-12-11Middle of Nowhere, NA84.21$2.64Map
2011-12-10Karibib, NA89.81$6.55Map
2011-12-09Spitzkop, NA72.32$0.00Map
2011-12-08Middle of Nowhere, NA88.01$12.33Map
2011-12-07Swakopmund, NA5.13$23.52Map
2011-12-06Swakopmund, NA9.04$10.07Map
2011-12-05Swakopmund, NA6.93$7.95Map
2011-12-04Swakopmund, NA11.18$3.36Map
2011-12-03Swakopmund, NA37.02$9.43Map
2011-12-02Walvis Bay, NA5.37$7.46Map
2011-12-01Walvs Bay, NA5.00$15.56Map
2011-11-30Walvis Bay, NA74.16$18.07Map
2011-11-29Middle of Nowhere, NA94.17$0.00Map
2011-11-28Middle of Nowhere, NA78.10$-23.62Map
2011-11-27Solitaire, NA83.38$0.00Map
2011-11-26Sesriem, NA0.00$9.20
2011-11-25Sesriem, NA48.46$21.38Map
2011-11-24Middle of Nowhere, NA89.35$0.00Map
2011-11-23Betta, NA25.27$12.55Map
2011-11-22Middle of Nowhere, NA57.60$0.00Map
2011-11-21Middle of Nowhere, NA58.40$0.00Map
2011-11-20Middle of Nowhere, NA69.42$10.94Map
2011-11-19Aus, NA72.71$8.33Map
2011-11-18Middle of Nowhere, NA95.88$0.00Map
2011-11-17Rosh Pinah, NA3.61$23.74Map
2011-11-16Rosh Pinah, NA77.44$4.49Map
2011-11-15Middle of Nowhere, NA37.86$0.00Map
2011-11-14Aussenkehr, NA92.91$14.01Map


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