Located in Africa, Zambia (formally called the Republic of Zambia) can be found at Latitude: -15.416667 and Longitutde: 28.283333 occupying 752,614 sq/km of area. At last count, Zambia has the population of 12,555,000 residents (with an annual 1.60% growth rate) who are known as Zambian(s).

The Flag for Zambia

A landlocked country in south-central Africa, Zambia occupies an elevated plateau, flanked in the south by the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls. The plateau tilts higher in the east, reaching about 1,800 meters (5,900 feet) near Lake Tanganyika. Also in the east, the Muchinga Mountains divide the Zambezi drainage basin from the Congo drainage basin. The tropical climate experiences a rainy season from November to May. There are an estimated 73 ethnic groups, and no ethnic group is more than 10 percent of the population. Many Zambians live in Lusaka, the capital, or in the cities of the Copperbelt the two largest, Ndola and Kitwe, have about 500,000 people each. However, agriculture employs most of the workforce, mostly at subsistence levels. AIDS has decimated Zambian society, and more than 800,000 Zambian children have lost one or both parents. Endowed with huge copper reserves and fertile farmland, Zambia looked to the future with optimism after independence from Britain in 1964. But copper prices plummeted in the mid-1970s, remained unstable, and transport costs soared. Zambia was a one-party state from 1972 to 1991, when social unrest led to multiparty elections. The country exports hydroelectric power, but that is because few Zambians have access to electricity. Disease, debt, and government mismanagement contribute to Zambia's being a poor country that relies on foreign aid.

35% of Zambian(s) live in urban centers, and 81% can read and write one of the many languages such as Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga, Lozi, Chewa, Nsenga, Lunda, Kaonde, Luvale, English. Zambian(s) have an average life expectancy rate of 43 years and most follow the Christian, Muslim, Hindu religions. 85% Agriculture of Zambian(s) work in the agriculture industry which produces , and 6% Industry work in the industry producing copper mining and processing, construction, foodstuffs, beverages, chemicals, textiles, fertilizer, horticulture. Another 9% Services work in the services sector such as tourism and retail environments. copper, cobalt, electricity, tobacco, flowers, cotton are regularly exported to other countries in the world from Zambia. The Gross Domestic Product per capita is $1,500 with 4.50% annual growth.

Zambia uses the telephone country code of 260 and internet hosts use the .zm suffix. Zambia uses the Kwacha (ZMK).


The Kwacha name derives from the Nyanja and Bemba word for "dawn", alluding to the Zambian nationalist slogan of a "new dawn of freedom". The name ngwee translates as "bright" in the Nyanja language. All notes have a fish eagle on one side, and the reverse feature a man breaking free of chains. Zambia is the first country in Africa to use polymer (plastic) notes since 2003. The lowest denomination currently in circulation is the 50 Kwacha Note as of 2012.

(One Canadian Dollar equals 0 ZMK)

My Experience

Road Conditions: Mostly tarred, some villages only offering dirt roads – good condition roads
Hills: Some steep hills, mostly rolling
Weather: Windy with rain, sunny mostly
Best Beer: Mosi

Visa Cost: $50 USD
Visa Length: 90 days


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Journal Entries

The following is a list of journal entries I wrote while traveling through Zambia. Click one to read!



Distance Traveled: 2674.02 km
Distance Ascended: 12,472 m
Distance Descended: 11,976 m
Energy Consumed: 117,128 calories
Overall Cost: $801.19
    Food: $280.34
    Drink: $62.94
    Lodging: $138.52
    Transport: $296.74
    Entertainment: $20.95
    Equipment: $1.11
    Misc: $0.60
Longest Day: 2012-01-20 - 158.21 km
Most Climbed: 2013-10-21 - 986.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2012-01-20 - 7700.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2014-05-10 - $ 148.37

Daily Statistics

DateLocationDistance (km)Cost ($CAD)Map
2014-05-10Lusaka, ZM$148.37Map
2014-05-10Lusaka, ZM$148.37Map
2014-01-15Middle of Nowhere, ZM107.52$2.62Map
2014-01-14Kazungula, ZM68.98$39.26Map
2014-01-13Livingstone, ZM77.67$18.93Map
2014-01-12Choma, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-15Middle of Nowhere, ZM107.52$2.62Map
2014-01-14Kazungula, ZM68.98$39.26Map
2014-01-13Livingstone, ZM77.67$18.93Map
2014-01-12Choma, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2014-01-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-31Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-19Lusaka, ZM14.85$0.00
2013-12-18Lusaka, ZM2.78$0.00
2013-12-17Lusaka, ZM4.30$0.00
2013-12-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-12Lusaka, ZM12.71$0.00
2013-12-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-12-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-19Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-18Lusaka, ZM14.44$0.00
2013-11-17Lusaka, ZM15.37$0.00
2013-11-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-10Lusaka, ZM26.40$0.00
2013-11-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-11-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00Map
2013-11-03Lusaka, ZM46.27$30.20Map
2013-11-02Chisamba, ZM96.25$11.28Map
2013-11-01Kabwe, ZM118.56$30.60Map
2013-10-31Mikunku, ZM154.83$2.01Map
2013-10-30Serenje, ZM135.44$23.76Map
2013-10-29Middle of Nowhere, ZM115.82$7.45Map
2013-10-28Mpika, ZM105.30$25.27Map
2013-10-27Middle of Nowhere, ZM107.88$1.11Map
2013-10-26Kasama, ZM67.85$77.32Map
2013-10-25Middle of Nowhere, ZM99.18$1.11Map
2013-10-24Mbala, ZM6.35$16.51Map
2013-10-23Mbala, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-10-22Mbala, ZM0.00$0.00
2013-10-21Mbala, ZM44.18$16.41Map
2013-10-20Mpulungu, ZM0.00$28.79
2013-10-19Mpulungu, ZM0.00$16.31
2012-10-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-10-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-10-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-10-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-19Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-18Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-17Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-09-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-31Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-19Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-18Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-17Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-16Ndola, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-15Kitwe, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-08-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-31Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-19Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-18Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-17Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-07-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-04-05Kafue Truck Stop, ZM63.05$24.36Map
2012-04-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-04-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-04-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-04-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-31Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-19Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-18Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-17Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-03-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-20Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-19Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-18Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-17Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-11Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-10Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-09Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-08Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-07Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-06Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-05Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-04Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-03Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-02Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-02-01Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-31Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-30Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-29Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-28Lusaka, ZM0.00$20.13
2012-01-27Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-26Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-25Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-24Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-23Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-22Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-21Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-20Lusaka, ZM158.21$2.21Map
2012-01-19Mumbwa, ZM3.63$0.00Map
2012-01-18Mumbwa, ZM70.39$4.43Map
2012-01-17Unknown Village, ZM90.37$1.21Map
2012-01-16Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-15Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-14Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-13Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-12Lusaka, ZM0.00$0.00
2012-01-11Lusaka, ZM114.92$6.36Map
2012-01-10Middle of Nowhere, ZM81.87$8.63Map
2012-01-09Monze, ZM104.27$17.70Map
2012-01-08Choma, ZM114.87$2.42Map
2012-01-07Zimba, ZM78.66$5.24Map
2012-01-06Livingstone, ZM96.68$2.01Map


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