Day 21 – Drastic Change of Course

/ Saturday, 3 October 2009 / CaliforniaNorth AmericaUnited States

Sitting at the side of the road in Santa Cruz, I’ve been bothered for the past few hours by something nagging at me. I did end up speaking to the girl last night, Sarah (this is number 3, I will hyper link their photos when making reference to them shortly) is on a one year sabbatical as an Occupational Health worker for rehabilitating injured people told me all about her cycling in Scandinavia, where you can camp for free for one night anywhere without cost, and told me other stories of her trip.

Her panniers are indeed Ortliebs, and I marvelled at how neat they looked, specially made for a store in Germany. We ended up cycling a bit together at the start of the day, ascending some hills and I ended up losing her when I finally gave into my tube continuously leaking from the valve every 10km. I fixed it at Pigeon Point lighthouse, where tones of old Model-T Ford’s were driving around. A nice break.

Received an email from one of my moms friends, who she met through her soap making skills offering me a nights stay in Pebble Beach. I am going to head into that area tommorrow, and it should be an easy ride….

I guess you were expecting details on the change of plans huh?

Well how else am I going to get you to keep coming back?
Gotta wait for it…………

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