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/ Wednesday, 20 January 2010 / Preparation & Thoughts

Things are accelerating rather quickly, I’m on the last week of tenancy of my apartment – and also the last week of employment. Big changes coming up in the rather near future. Lots of doors closing in a fairly sequential order leading into traditionally my worst month mentally, usually involving with me becoming hospitalized/sick. To say I’ve got some fear, would be the most truthful comment on this blog all year.

I’ve unfortunately had to close another door in my life which changes the course of my direction in life drastically. Not by choice, but by following orders. My N in the INTP which stands for intuition is constantly battling the T thinking aspect putting things on a nice loop, while my perception is dealing with what I’m hearing and seeing with my eyes. Woo. Time to click my feet into the pedals and make a plan.

I’m trying to figure out, based on weather, how the most efficient course of travel will be, and to support some of my other desires for 2010. Last week of March will see me go, rain or shine. Up in the air if I will go all the way up to Whitehorse, or if I will stop in Prince Rupert instead. I want to have the change to go into every province and territory, however weather may not work well in my favor for this. There’s also the issue of hungry grizzly bears.

I have commitments to meet someone in North Dakota in early July, to relax at a cabin, and find the ever elusive Bacon Lake in the process. I’ll also be celebrating by 32nd birthday around that time and figure that I should spend it comfortably in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I spent 7 years of my life and want to reconnect and say bye to them yet again for an unknown amount of time. It’s also a great time for me to park my bike, and visit my left-coast friends on Vancouver Island for the Soundwave Music Festival.  A 3 day festival in a beautiful beach setting with solid people, and a lot of memories and laughs sounds like a wonderful way to take a break for a bit.

Once back in Manitoba, I’ll say my goodbyes and start notifying my friends in Toronto/Ottawa Ontario that I’ll be in their neck of the woods within the next 3-4 weeks. I’ll be taking the non traditional route across Ontario, where as some cyclists choose to ride through parts of the USA. That would be cheating. Once there, it’s another opportunity to park my gear with trusted friends and hop on yet another plane. This time to Nevada, to go to the Burningman Festival. It’s been 5 years since I’ve last been, and this year seems to be the one where the majority of my close friends are heading down, and well.. hey, why not.

September and October are moderately good weather in the East Coast, getting me all the way to St. Johns, Newfoundland. I’m going to likely have to circle back to get out of there, and make the decision of where to go next. Europe seems out of the question, as their weather isn’t much better than some of Canada’s, so the logical choice would be to Cape Town, South Africa. It’ll be hot, but I’ll be able to stay away from snow. I’ve been tossing the Africa idea around in my head for approximately 2 months now and wanted to go about it a different route than most. I’ve had difficulties trying to find other cyclists taking a similar route, as most go down the east side, however this cyclist, Peter Gostelow who blogs at apparently is going that way, making me certain that it is possible.

We’re into late Spring of 2011 by the time I would reach Spain, and head over to Ireland by plane. The east coast has always interested me, so heading north, before hopping into a short stay in England before taking in Scotland seems reasonable. Norway and Denmark apparently have wonderful cycle routes not to mention the Right to Roam. The rest of the summer should be spent in Europe, checking out some of the festivals, seeing the sites in the summer, before heading South again to deal with the cold. The two at Going Slowly seem to have the right idea, hanging out in Northern Africa in December and January.

The world’s not going to blow up in 2012, which gives an excellent opportunity through the ‘axis of evil’ before heading through the ‘stan’s finally getting to one of the countries I’m strangely looking forward to – Mongolia. Really out of any of the ideas I’ve ever had, the plan was to ride a bike, and to get to Mongolia before September. Of course it’s possible.

Likely the best course of action is down and keep going all the way to Indonesia, and figure out how to get to Australia. After visiting some friends it seems more reasonable to do the New Zealand thing for a bit, before heading back over to South Asia finally pedalling into India. India’s a great source of international flights, and be an excellent springboard to send me over to Argentina. Eventually going north will get me back into Mexico, putting me at the border again. Ideally it would be wonderful to fly over to Inuvik and ride the Dempster highway, before taking a ferry back to Vancouver.

This is a pretty realistic route and approach to this all, considering I have no plan. The timings fall in sync with weather schedules and it seems very do-able with the funds saved up. Of course this could be done in phases later on in life if I decide to stop, but who knows – I can’t see past tommorrow at this stage in my life, let alone plan where I’m going to be in 3 years.


  1. Jen_
    January 21st, 2010

    Ottawa welcomes you in 2010. There will be crash space in abundance. 🙂

  2. Mr31415
    January 21st, 2010

    Watch out for the “bergies” in capetown

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