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/ Sunday, 4 July 2010 / Preparation & Thoughts

I suppose I did get some work done while I was gluing my ass to a chair in Yellowknife. I left Cranbrook BC with a list of 5 issues that needed to be sorted out. I’m happy to report I completed every single task on that list. While not perfect, it can be refined in the future.

1) Page load times have been reduced. I’m using 2 layers of caching, a form of storing frequently accessed data to send to you, so that it doesn’t tax the server each time you load the page. I’m using a couple plug ins for WordPress to do the majority of this. This is a big plus, and paves the way for another interface lift that should be coming down the road to support different mobile devices, as I make the switch to lighten my computing load.

2) Photo Information – I’ve implemented a feature for any photograph that I post on this website to show detailed information such as exposure (ISO), and F/Stop Data. It also allows you to see where the photograph was taken, within 3 ft accuracy of course 🙂 Simply hover over a photo, and note the three new icons on the top left hand corner. Click away, the buttons should be self explanatory. It’ll also give you a chance to look at different sizes of the photo, which is hosted off site via Flickr. You may also notice that clicking on a smaller image will produce a pleasant effect showing a higher quality image without having to reload the page (impacting number 1 above, see the relation?)

3) Statistics. I’ve been keeping detailed information regarding each days travels. I’m tracking my distance ridden, amount spent (not to mention drilling down into seperate food, beer, camping epenses), the climbs in metres I did, and calories burned. I like data. This makes me smile. You can look at this information here. Bonus: You can look at a map that will plot my start and finish to the day and graph out the distance, elevation, speed and grade, while travelling. I’ll keep refining it to show some detailed totals, but for now, I can rest.

4) Page Cleanup. Things are getting a bit out of hand with the amount of content, so I’m compressing some of the content, and combining the phases of my journey into one. You’ll see more happen over time, but for now I’m focusing on usability.

If any of these don’t work for you, contact me – I’ve got a bit more time as I’m now on the road with a lighter daily distance schedule, and can fix things in short order. Spelling mistakes, Incorrect page urls, whatever. Thanks for reading!

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