Sand in my Underpants (The Video Post)

/ Sunday, 12 September 2010 / CanadaNorth AmericaOntario

What must have been the hardest of all 3 days, today took a alot out of me with some epic climbs, constant headwinds, and finally when the sun came out some searing heat. My body is speaking up after I skipped out on its halfday rest at Sault Sainte Marie I suppose. I’m not saying I didn’t have a good time doing it today, I’m just burned out – so I stopped only 85km in at a small area named Tunnel Lake. Here – you can watch a video of my last 2 minutes of riding for the day 🙂

When I awoke this morning at 745 the clouds were just lifting yet my tent was covered in dew – moisture is becoming more and more of an issue each day with the shifting temperatures, and I’m constantly packing a wet tent away. It makes my sleeping pad dirty on the next day if there is any residual moisture left over from the night before on the floor and overall I don’t think it can be a healthy thing. Other than stopping for lunch and pulling everything apart  and hanging the tent out to dry I’m not sure what else I can try – as my weather isn’t always warm enough to make a difference.

My other zipper went on my vestibule on my tent today and I’ve discovered the problem – SAND. I suppose I tracked some sand into the tent somehow, and its managed to muck up my zippers. I’m without internet so can’t look up any fixes, but have a sneaking suspicion I’m to get cellular reception starting tomorrow – We’ll see. For now, I’m being extra cautious and not opening it all the way, and trying not to put any stresses on the zippers.

The friendly people at the campsite had me over for breakfast this morning, loaded me up with coffee and let me fill my water jugs before I headed out at the late hour of 11am. I eventually saw them about the 45km mark of riding, obviously I was dogging it a bit, as I stopped at the hunters lodge along the way and bought a pop.

The hunters lodges have been hilarious – I’m at the final one of the weekends right now – each one has a set of owners that are truly unique to each other lodge, the way they speak and their mannerisms. Each one has been mostly empty when I’ve pulled up which is a sad thing to see, but I’m sure that things pick up more in a few more weeks. I only hope they do not suffer the same fate at the lodges I saw shut down, boarded up and grown over in the Yukon.

I have to say it again, the beauty of Northern Ontario is second to none – So many makes, so many climbs and so many beautiful trees. I called it in yesterdays post – the trees are going to turn – I noticed some crimson leaves on the ground today. While I don’t entirely agree with the hunting that is going on here for sport, I can look past the business and see the beauty of nature in this area.

When I arrived at the last lodge, I asked the owner if I could setup a tent and to which he replied sure, beside his motel. I setup my tent quickly, and noticed a set of clouds coming into my area, and I got a funny feeling – this could be my lucky day! Stopped early at 85km rather than trying to push myself and getting soaked in the process?

Well, I figured it’d be a good idea to get soaked anyways.

I came up with a lot of new ideas while I was riding these past few days, let me see if I can execute them for your enjoyment! I’ll leave you with a video I took the night before in the campsite September 11th.

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