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This isn’t news for 30% of my readership – but today May 2nd, 2011 is the day that we as Canadian Citizens choosing who is the most capable party to lead our country. Unlike the United States directly below us, we have multiple parties with significant support which has made our past few governments result in a minority government causing endless bickering between parties, laws not being passed, and a whole series of deceptive activities by the party with the most votes. Parliament sessions have been stayed and delayed, questions left unanswered and new federal elections have been called more often than we’d care to have. In Fact, this is the 4th election since 2004 that we’ve had to deal with, being bothered at 6pm by politicians banging on our front doors attempting to convince us that they are truly here to serve us and the people and want to lead us into a new phase of our countries growth.

To be frank, I’ve had enough of the rigamarole, the corruption and the details of our government misleading the public that continue to seep out of the cracks, misappropriating funds, and threatening to overturn laws and regulations that inflict on basic human rights. Corporations seem to have more leverage than the individual and our liberties are starting to erode over time. When the election was announced due to our existing government found to be in Contempt of Parliament (this is a 1st in all our our 41 previous sitting of parliament) the first 2 weeks of the election campaigns all one would hear is constant mudslinging from one party about how the other party did something wrong in the past, but still didn’t come out with any ideas on how they were going to solve the problem on its own.  Over the course of our 143 years of being unified as a country the politicians have backpedaled from their promises, misappropriated our limited resources, and recently altered our perception globally with military engagements morphing Canada into a 5 legged monster with wavy arms, with the people at the end of the finger tips.

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I’ve yet to vote in any election in my life, but have a sneaking suspicion this may be the last thing I do while in Canada, to head into a voting booth and choosing the final option ‘None of the Above’, because I don’t really hold any regard for any of the leaders to effectively manage our country, but also since I’m so out of touch with my regional riding way back in Vancouver, BC. If I was to make a decision and vote for a general leader of the country I’d say let’s have the New Democrat Party take the reigns for a bit and muck things up, they haven’t had a chance for a few years to really screw things up royally. Laws and rules benefiting the corporations take days to implement but decades to reverse –  Let’s take the money out of it and stop doing things such as importing Idaho Potatoes into Prince Edward Island, milking cows in Lavington, BC before sending it by big truck for processing in another province only to have it return 15km away for sale 2-3  days later for starters – lets put more focus into our education system which seems to be getting bludgeoned more and more every year and make sure our youth are adequately prepared for their adult years by holding them back (read: failing them) if they aren’t catching onto the concepts and curriculum as opposed to pushing them through in order not to hurt their feelings and finally lets see some accountability by all of the politicians elected to be forced to be required to address our nation and answer questions that are posed to them, take action by providing us with timely updates as to their progress and  finally, enforce real criminal punishment to these leaders who willfully do not serve the needs of their citizens.

Anyways, this isn’t a political blog, so I’m going to stay away from ranting too much more, but would like to present to you how I really feel about politics in this country:


Headstand in the Poool of the Dark Star

This is the pool of the black star, in the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. The room seems to be very special with lots of rumors that it contains many hidden meanings as it was built by the masons. If you look directly up you can see the top of the roof where the Golden Boy, a modified version of the Greek God of Hermes who is now carrying a bushel of wheat, covered in gold. It is also said that the room is harmonically tuned to the 5th transforming ones voice.. Photo taken by Jennifer Darkly.


Headstand in the Caucus room

This is the “Room of No Secrets” in the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly built in 1999. The room is specially designed so that even whispers are heard from across the room, which is the way it should be in the caucus room. Photo taken by Lindsey Reddin.


Nova Scotia Provincial House

Here we are in the Province House located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can see where the speaker generally stands when they are announcing new laws, regulations and guidelines as they look out for the residents of this province. This is the oldest legislative assembly in all of Canada, over 300 years old.

Confederation Building - Caucus Room!

Let’s keep this one a secret, here’s the Newfoundland Confederation Building in their capital, St John’s which was built in the early 1950’s as they were the last province to join our country. This is the caucus room, and somehow I managed to get a picture on top of their table. Photo taken by Sarah Crocker.

New Brunswick Legislative Building

Our smallest province, Prince Edward Island has another Province House in their capital Charlottetown. It has the history of where Confederation was signed, and has a great set of old historical and blocked off areas for your viewing.



This is the spiral staircase in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly building in Fredericton built in 1882.  The carpet is a wonderful velvety plush substance which allows for wonderful cushioning of your hands. Photo taken by Kelsey Wilson.

Ontario Legislative Building Headstand

Before you can go really out of bounds, you need to head up the staircase here in the Ontario Legislative Assembly building which is in Toronto. There are intricate carvings including some political comics of the Queen of England, which was unveiled at the last minute depicting her smiling like a joker. She was known for not smiling, and if she had noticed the carving, she would have had the room demolished and rebuilt. Photo taken by tour guide.


Oh Quebec, we love your fierce devotion to the French Language, your insistence on retaining your culture and your wonderful way of living. The National Assemblage building is actually located in Quebec City is heavily guarded from top to bottom and contains impressive architecture.


One can’t deny the rich colours of this photo, unfortunately do to the fact that I ran into the area to get this photo snapped it did not come out as clearly as possible in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly in Regina. I was promptly asked to leave the building. Photo taken by Steven Kowalsky.



Oh Canada, how I love thee, I wouldn’t change my citizenship for anything, but let’s just keep things clean k? Best of luck to all the candidates. The headstands were a fun part of visiting all of the Canadian Legislative Buildings, and were done in challenge not a jest. After all, Pierre Trudeau was well known for his headstands, don’t you remember?

I managed to do a headstand in every building in Canada, with the exception of Aberta, where I was removed from security and barred from re-entry. Lighten up Oilbertans. More pictures to appear on this entry as soon as I can find them!

Oh, and you know how Stephen Harper likes cats?

Little did you know, that there is a cat sanctuary on Parliament Hill where the government resides in Ottawa, Ontario. It is being run by volunteers, and receives no funding from the government whatsoever. Harumph.

Cat Sanctuary

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