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To pass the time when cycling from Zambia to Namibia I started engaging the followers/fans on my Twitter and Facebook Pages. Once per day I’d ask a Question that related to Bicycle touring, in the hopes I’d get a response back from some other tourists, no matter how long they’d been touring, experience, or location. The results were useful not only to myself but others, and some were downright comical. I figured it would be good to share some of the responses on the website as I pass time waiting for Visa issues, seeing as tour reports on this site will be minimal, and it’s a great chance for you to check out some other tourists and bikers out there – Once I start moving again the series will start back  up, follow along and join in!

2014 – January 13 – Bicycle Touring Question of the Day: Do you keep your pump in your tank for your stove or do you take out after every usage? I leave in.

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) writes: leave in. Pulling out is for cowards.

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) writes: take it out. If it breaks we go hungry. We ain’t no fools

Richard Worth (@donkey_hoty) writes: In when camped, out when travelling.

Russ McCoy (@RussMcCoy) writes: Pull out to be safe. 😉

River Mcleod (@mcleodan) writes: I leave it pressurised. No point wearing out the pump. No problems with it.

Penney Kemert writes: We take ours out.

2014 – January 14 – Bike touring question of the day.. What’s your most wildest emergency roadside repair? Or incident that couldn’t repair but u still moved?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: There’s been so. Many but the most memorable was the time my hub and cog sheared off in Rwanda. We fashioned an emergency tool to repair.

Uninspired Ramblings (@EnglishChris75) wrote: Stripped rear hub internals on Camino de Santiago. Had to walk. Luckily a village only a few miles away where the non-English speaking hostel manager responded to my question on where the nearest bike shop was, by calling his mate with a taxi and his other mate in Pamplona with a bike shop, and in 3 hours I’d been there and back and had a new wheel!

Stoekey Films (@StoekyFilms) wrote: Double flat touring outside of Forks, Wa-trying to patch tubes in a downpour in the middle of nothing but forest!

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote: shift derailleur into spokes rip apart rear wheel.

Penny Kemert wrote: My hub jammed solid in a canyon near Vioolsdrift ( border SA Nam), no cell signal. Nobody would stop or I wrote HELP across my mattress and held it up. Eventually scored a lift to Springbok to get it fixed.


2014 – January 15 – Bicycle touring question of the day: What’s the longest you wear your socks for?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: 10 is my max, 4 to 5 days is the average.

Big Bumble Bike Ride (@bumblebikeride) wrote: tend to run at 3 or 4 days before I have to at least give them a rinse. Real question is, how long for a cham?

2014 – January 16 – Bicycle Touring Question of the Day: What’s the longest distance you’ve travelled in one day?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: 211km leaving Jasper, Alberta Canada heading East

Thomas Dalmayrac (@kakounet) wrote: 96km only 🙂 but in the alps !

Houston Marsh (@HoustonMarsh) wrote: 222km also in 2010 cycling Hwy3 here in BC. I was determined to get to Osoyoos

Ross Methven (@sprezzat) wrote: 235km in Botswana in December

Penny Kemert wrote: Mine is 135 think along that long Pandematenga – Nate road in Botswana 2013

Brian Beaudoin wrote: 127 miles, June 2011 leaving Savannah, GA for South Carolina via Statesboro, GA.

2014 – January 17 – What’s the longest you’ve gone without shaving while touring? (Ladies too!)

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: 215 days across Canada

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: I think this was about 3 months #teamtaliban 

Richard Worth (@Donkey_Hoty) wrote: I don’t shave- just trim it a bit every now & then

Eric Staal (@neanderstaal) wrote: shave? While touring? I don’t understand. Do people actually do that?

Penny Kemert wrote: 3 months Smile


2014 – January – 18 – What’s the piece of gear you can’t live without?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: I turn into a whiner without my coffee press.

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote: Frisbee Plate!

Tailwind TV (@tailwindTV) wrote: My thumb.

Corey Itterman wrote: My IPod

Penny Kemert wrote: My Kindle and my Kettle


Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: my $7 Aviators, as they make me look like a sozzled commercial airline pilot

2014 – January – 19 – #BicycleTouring Question of the Day: what’s the hottest/coldest you’ve ever cycled in?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Me: 117F Texas & and -9c Canada

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote: +40 in Chatahoochee – 4 Rogers Pass

Daniel Jankowski wrote: 51c Kuwait not much on the cold side maybe 0

Penny Kemert wrote: 43c near Chipata in Zambia and -2 near Grunau in Namibia both in 2013

2014 – January 20 – #BicycleTouring Question of the Day. Size/Brand/Distance of Tires?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Me-F Schwalbe Mrthon XR 26×2.25 (28000+km) R: Mrthon Xtr 26×2 (8000~ km)

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote: if I’m balling it’s Schwalbe Marathons all day.. Did Vancouver to T’under Bay without a flat

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: I like my tyres like I like my women – puncture resistant #schwalbemarathons

2014 – January 22 – #BicycleTouring Question of the Day: craziest injury when touring?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Me-on: Hemorrhoid breaking in Brooks Saddle. Off:bike falling from tree in face

Bicycle Hobo (@BicycleHobo) wrote: hands stopped ‘working correctly’ for a couple months after my first x-country

Endless Horizon (@endlesshorizon) wrote: within 3 days I got stitches in my chin then broke my leg severely jumping into the ocean to celebrate finishing my tour.

Endless Horizon (@endlesshorizon) also wrote in response to Bicycle Hobo: I had similar experience on my first XC trip. Proper stretching and rotation every night does wonders.

2014 – January 23 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: most useless piece of your gear that you carried/carry?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Grudgingly carried water filter for 4.5yr

Amaya Williams (@worldbiking) wrote: STILL carrying a water filter that hasn’t seen the outside of the pannier in around 3 years.

BikeTour Global (@biketourglobal) wrote: A compass. Since more than 20 years – never used… But good to know that I can if needed 😉

Helen Lloyd (@HelenLloyd) wrote: solar charger… used it once out of curiosity, realised it was pointless. No longer carry it. oh and a packraft. Carried it for 10000km before putting it in water 🙂 was worth it, but coulda just posted it ahead!

Bicycle Hobo (@BicycleHobo) wrote: Most useless piece of gear I carry – probably me #bicycletouring

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: denim miniskirt. It hasn’t fit for about 5 years #onedayitwill #optimism

2014 – January 24 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: strangest thing you’ve carried on tour?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Mine without question is the 400 pills of ‘man power’ that I’m carrying to give to anther cyclist who requested it

BikeTour Global (@biketourblobal) wrote: a watermelon

2014 – January 25 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: what’s the craziest animal encounter you’ve had?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote:  toss up: 27 buffalo/Canada | 2 elephant Botswana. I should also give a special mention to the animals I see on two feet staggering around the many bars I stop at at the end of the day..

Christian Benke (@derreiside) wrote: Nominating @J2westcountry‘s encounter with a rodent in Hungary:

Simon the Bum (@simonthebum) wrote: Woke up with this in my tent. Had to ride with a numb hand all day.

BikeVCC (@BikeVCC) wrote: A Big Moose!

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: scorpion in tent #truestory

2014 – January 26 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: How often do you lube your chain?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: when I remember – usually about every 8 days/800km

Dominic Luther (@onebikeoneworld) wrote: You’re supposed to do maintenance? Thats why I bought a Thorn. Lube is every 2-3 months at best

Big Bumble Bike Ride (@bumblebikeride) wrote:  Same here, rohloff for less hastle and blind negligence for the rest. Lubing after every major downpour

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: aren’t you only supposed to lube it once it goes rusty…

Simon the Bum (@simonthebum) wrote: Had to follow a coach through a crab migration. Covered, head to foot, in crab meat. But the only way to clear the road.

2014 – January 27 – #BicycleTouring Question of the Day: What footwear do you cycle in? Special Bike cleats? Sandals? Barefoot?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Hiking Boots

Chris & Mel (@youjustpedal) wrote: Winklepickers

Ross Methven (@sprezzat) wrote: Shimano hiking boots with recessed cleats. I can’t be in the same room as them, they smell that bad. They need an exorcism.

Richard Worth (@donkey_hoty) writes: Whatever’s comfy *Don’t cleat/strap*

Simon the Bum (@simonthebum) wrote: 5:10’s and flatties. Hiking boots if it’s stupid cold. (with fame style legwarmers)

Big Bumble Bike Ride (@bumblebikeride) wrote:  usually cleats but, for final 1000 km into BKK, flip flops. Cleats broke spectacularly.

Penny Kemert wrote: Keen Sandals.


2014 – January 28 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: Do you prefer traveling alone or with another (or group).

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: alone. Am good for 1 month with a partner

Pankaj (@impankajp) wrote: alone my pace my stops

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote: down with a crew. Like an end of day campsite party #theboyz

2014 – January – 29 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: Do you prefer to eat while riding or stop for your meals?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote:  Me: I. Munch all day while riding & nap at rest time

Anders Kankfelt (@Cycling_Anders) wrote: Eat while riding on a tour? No, I enjoy a sit-down lunch mid-day and I cook my own dinner in the evening. No stress, relax

Richard Worth (@donkey_hoty) writes: Sit. *dismounts by handily positioned rock* 🙂

Eric Staal (@neanderstaal) wrote: I snack while riding but stop for meals.

Mike Gregg (@cycletrekker63) wrote: graze feed as I ride. My preference!

Andrew Gills (@AndrewGills) wrote: I’m new to touring but have cycled all my life. I eat while riding. I’m usually too busy resting or taking pics at stops. I can ride with one hand so can eat. I sometimes balance container in left hand on bars & eat with right.

Helen Lloyd (@HelenLloyd) wrote: I’m def missing a trick… how do you eat while riding? yeah but do u actually keep cycling while getting out the food and eating it? That’s impressive multi-tasking!

2014 – January 30 – #BicycleTouring Question of the Day: Do you smoke when touring? (Cigarettes, Doobies, Meat, What have you?)

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote:  Me: I smoke cigs on occasion.

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote: Spirit Breaks #theboyz

2014 – January 31 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: what valves do u use on your tubes? Gates/Presta/Schraeder/tubeless?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Schraeder for availability and ability to add sealant

Richard Worth (@donkey_hoty) writes: Ditto: schraeder for availability

Eric Staal (@neanderstaal) wrote:  presta, for the handy dandy retaining nut and for not needing a plastic cap

Simon the Bum (@simonthebum) wrote: Rims filed sanded and finished for Schraeder. Easiest to find and get the sealant in.

2014 – February 1 – #BicycleTouring Question of the day: Do you listen to music while riding?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: I use Portable Speakers to still hear traffic

Steve Langston (@frisbeeplate) wrote:  head phones from buck or two. knife one side put the remaining bud in RH ear

D. Phipp-Macintyre (@dpm67) wrote: not whilst cycling. I have Bluetooth headset/earphones for in tent or hostel also to keep noise out of my head/let music in.

BikeVCC (@bikevcc) wrote: Had no luck with portable bike speakers. Not loud enough around city traffic. Bluetooth headphones seem to work best.

Penny Kemert wrote: Ipod Shuffle and Popup Speakers: Our are those pop ups called Shox. They didn’t mind bumpy roads and we didn’t have rain.


2014 – February 2 – @BicycleTouring Question of the day: Do you use a kickstand?

I (@tiredofitdotca) wrote: Broke 3 Click-Stands and now Broke a Plescher ESGE stand. Will get a new one

Milestone Rides @milestonerides) wrote: That’s a negative for me. It’s a pain when packing but that’s what trees and benches are for.

The Biciclown (@biciclown) wrote: Get a stick (bambu is the best) and last long

Richard Worth (@donkey_hoty) writes: Bi-ped. In weight Vs Equipment debate I’m in the ‘preservation of equipment’ camp & will push a few extra grams #safetyfirst


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  1. February 5th, 2014


    I enjoyed the QOTD…I missed a lot of them…please keep it up if you have connectivity. Made for a good post.

  2. Amanda
    February 6th, 2014

    Loved reading these Q&A’s whilst waiting for my ceiling paint to dry for 2nd coat. Better to be reading than watching paint dry!
    Keep touring.

  3. March 20th, 2014

    bikeevcc, not bikevcc. Interesting read. Most important piece of equipment? Baby wipes. Keeps both ends clean with the same towel. Eww if you clean the wrong one first.

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