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/ Saturday, 22 February 2014 / Equipment

Hey Bicycle Tourists in USA/Canada, I’m selling a few bits of gear that I’m no longer using. Since I’m Africa and shipping is a bit of a mess, I took advantage of an opportunity to give the units to someone heading back over the ocean  for easier selling. Very suitable for Bicycle Touring, and for those who have been reading, will recognize them immediately. I’m OK with shipping in North America, I think crossing oceans would be a bit much at this stage.

Hilleberg Soulo 1 person Freestanding Expedition Tent $500

  The ultimate 4 season bomb proof free standing tent from Hilleberg, The Tentmaker. Can be set up in a little over a minute with inner / outer and groundsheet all in one – If you are in windy conditions just peg a few of the corners and if in some real nasty stuff use the guylines.

If it’s Ultimate – why am I selling? I’m currently in Africa, riding my bicycle around the world. I switched to this tent a few years back after being pissed off with my MSR Hubba Hubba tent. As soon as I got here though, I realized that I’d much prefer something with mesh as most of the time the weather is fantastic. I kept the tent though and used it for about 100 nights, and then snapped a pole (I picked it up when it was filled with my beddding gear, and compressed it trying to slide it through a door – snap. I fixed it with their included pole repair system, and then I managed to go hanging around the desert for a bit too long – Sand got in one of the zippers and then I started having problems with closing the inner tent. Hilleberg listens to me and went and replaced the entire inner tent and poles without question (They have a 25 year warranty). Unfortunately shipping was going to be a pain in the ass (mail is quite sketchy here) so I ahd them ship the replacements  to my Dad’s house in Vancouver Canada. I happened to find someone in the USA coming over to the country I was in and had them bring me a new tent because I didn’t want to risk waiting for getting the new components over to me and I was sick of getting Malaria – with the inner tent being a bit dicey bugs were getting in and so on and so on.


So what this comes with is:

Hilleberg Soulo Outer Tent: No Damage – Used approx 100 nights
Hilleberg Soulo Groundsheet: A few holes, that I’ve taped up with Gorilla Tape. Nothing you can do about this – that’s why you use a groundsheet.
Hilleberg Soulo Inner Tent: Brand New
Hilleberg Soulo Inner Tent: Used 100 nights, inner zipper a bit dicey, but works. (Use it as a spare?)
Hilleberg Soulo Pegs: Enough to sort you out for the nastiest of nights
Hilleberg Soulo Inner Tent Mounting Kit: This lets you pitch only the inner tent if you are in situations where you don’t want the outer tent. I thought it was a good idea, but never used them.

So basically you are getting a pretty new tent at this price.


For a light weight backcountry solo expedition tent you can’t lose at it’s weight, ease of pitching and bombproof construction at 4 lbs 7 oz. Tent is green for stealth camping.

Hilleberg Soulo Page here:

MSR Dragonfly Multi Fuel Expedition Stove $100

msr_dragonflyHere’s my trusty  MSR Dragonfly stove that’s been through hell and back.
after 5 years of using the MSR Dragonfly I wanted to switch things up and try a Primus just to add a bit more chaos to my life.

The MSR Dragonfly can run White Gas, Diesel, Unleaded, and Kerosene – I’ve only used White Gas and Unleaded on it, and since being in Africa I’ve done a few things to avoid cleaning it often. I pulled the Fuel Filter (It just jammed all the time), and I’ve Removed the Wick from the stove itself as I found it a bit pointless in my situation. I’ve had problems with the unit in the past, jamming, not performing optimal and worked with MSR/Cascade Designs several times where they went out of their way to make sure the stove performed optimally in every situation. I cleaned it regularly believe it or not in Coca Cola, as it was the best way to get the grime out from the crappy fuel that I was using.


I firmly believe this is the best way to clean a stove – Coca Cola.

As I said before, I had an opportunity to get some parts sent over from the USA when someone came to visit me so I wanted to try a Primus Stove just for a sanity test. It’s “OK” – The MSR performed faster, burned hotter, and was easier to assemble and disassemble.

I’m including the Stove (new body replaced), A Fuel Tank (590ml), A few repair kits, including a handful of fuel filters, handful of wicks, and handful of plungers for the pump – Those are the only things that need replacing on heavy use on the stove, the O-Rings and other things are rarely replaced, but you will get enough for 5 full on services of the stove which for most people will be more than they’ll ever use the stove. I’m even including a spare pump, as I carry two fuel bottles with me, but I kept the 2nd bottle with me in Africa for extra fuel storage as I don’t see quality fuel often and need my coffee in the morning or I become a dink. See what I’m doing at

So to repeat: Works great – Burns everything, Tonnes of spare parts, Will get you cooking wherever you are. If you are local to Vancouver, Canada my Dad’s going to be handling the sale as I’m halfway around the world – so you can’t expect him to know too much about things, so best to refer questions over to me. I think the price is more than fair considering new retail price at MEC, the spare parts, and the Fuel Tank.

The Stove working the way it should.

The Stove working the way it should.

I wrote a review that I updated regularly at

My usage pattern is slightly different than most, and I’m sure if these worked out for me for very long tours, they’ll be suitable for any other short / long term trek. My knowledge has become quite intimate with both these units, so feel free to ask some questions, or if you are the buyer,  I’d be more than happy to discuss usage and quirks when situations arose.

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  1. May 24th, 2014

    Hello; your contact page seems to be down. I’m interested in the Hilleberg Soulo, if it’s still available would shipping to Ottawa within the next couple of weeks be possible?

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