Tired of I.T! – How I learned to stop worrying and love the bicycle

The Book!

..less about the specifics related to biking (although there is a fair amount of that) and more about finding the inspiration and courage to simplify and live a fantastic life, following one’s ambition.

– Douglas Rogers

In 2009 I quit my job working with computers, sold everything I owned, and bought a bicycle setting forth for a ’round the world journey. I found that the conventional way of living that involved swimming in debt, overworking, bad eating choices, and lack of sleep was going to eventually throw me over the deep end and I made a choice to break free from the mold and see what happened if I focused on getting from one point to another. I wrote the book Tired of I.T! – How I learned to stop worrying and love the bicycle over the course of 1.5 years while continuing to travel around the world. Throughout the way I’ve learned valuable life lessons, met interesting people and commenced to understand the balance that’s required in daily life, while sharing it with the reader.

Those who are interested in what drives a person to drop everything and commence a new life, those who are interested in long term travel by bicycle would be contenders for reading this book. By purchasing the book it will provide a small amount of income to support my further travels around the world, and if there is enough response, another book will be published as time goes forward. This one took 2 years of writing and countless edits throughout the process, likely 1000 hours of work was put into this.





It’s my first book, I’ve never had any training in writing, publishing, or design but I thought it would be a suitable project for those long nights in a tent. There’s bound to be a few errors and typos here and there no matter how hard I send it out for review and to other editors. I’ve gone as far as creating multiple versions for different people. The first one, a colour edition which makes the artwork shine, a trade edition paperback with black and white images, and an e-book version for various different types of readers such as the Apple IPad, Amazon Kindle, Kobo Touch, and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ordering from this website allows that I receive more royalties for the work I have published. Alternatively, you can find the traditional printed copies from Amazon, and in the coming weeks distributed worldwide.

If you’ve bought a copy of printed book and want a copy of the eBook, send me a message and I’ll arrange for you to get a copy of it at no charge. Thanks for your support!

I’d appreciate any (positive or negative) reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, or Smashwords if possible!

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