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A day doesn’t go by that if I have an encounter with a human being, one of these questions are asked, so I figure it would be a good idea to commit them for other people to know! Keep checking back, and I’ll be sure to update as time goes on..

Where are you going?

I’m not sure, around the world?

Are you doing this alone?

I’m doing this as a solo trip, but not opposed to people coming along for a part of the ride!

Are you nuts?

Not any more than I was before I set off on this journey, in fact I feel the best I’ve ever felt!

What were you doing beforehand?

I worked as a computer consultant helping companies achieve their business goals with the hopes of becoming more efficient.

What are you going to do when you are done?

The first 5 days of my travels had me thinking about “what’s next?” – but this is precisely the way of thinking I am trying to rid myself of. I’m Living in the future at present. So to answer the question – no idea.

Did it take lots of planning?

Nothing more than the usual planning for going for a camping trip – making sure proper equipment was available based on reports from other people who have done similar..

Did you train for this?

No. I was too busy tying up the loose ends to properly train for it. I figured it out on the road.. Besides, once you are 5 days in, you are 5 days further away from what home used to be, so why not keep going?

How heavy is everything??

Check out my equipment list..

Have you had any major breakdowns??

Surprisingly little. I detail everything on my Failures and Replacements page and also list equipment that I stopped using on the equipment page.

How long are you planning on doing this for?

Either until I run out of money, hurt myself bad enough that I can’t ride anymore, or just decide to stop. I’m thinking 5 years might be the magic number, but nothing, and I mean nothing is set in stone.

Are you rich?


Did you rob a bank?


How did do you afford this?

It’s simple, After amassing endless technological gadgets, pointless pieces of furniture, and other decor – I sold it all on the internet and am using what I made to see how far I can get! My Statistics Page details how much it costs to travel, which is surprisingly little if you stay out of the bars and live smart

What about Sponsorships or Donations?

I’m not going to turn down donations, that would be silly of me – I wrote a page detailing my views of Sponsorships and Donations you should read.

Will you come speak for my class/team/club/group/radio/TV?

Sure! Why don’t you send me a message and we can work out the details.

How are you staying online?

I carry a bunch of electronic components that allow me to connect onto the internet when I am in public spaces, such as cafes, or free wifi. I wrote an article about keeping your data safe while traveling and another one detailing some alternative methods of using public internet terminals that may be of interest to you.

Once I am online I batch upload any photos that are taken, and have built automated routines to grab data from my GPS and geolocation to populate the daily distance/elevation and calories burned per day. I just have to remember how much I spend per day. In 2010 this process took about an hour per day, and in 2011 it is down to 10 minutes per day after rebuilding the website and the backend engines..

How did you build the website?

I used open source components and services made available by corporations to put it all together. I learned along the way how to put everything together as my skills in web development were basic at best. This is probably why there are some wonky things going on in the site, I’m much more interested in audio than visuals.

Where do you sleep?

In a tent. I like hanging out in the bush and wilderness rather than busy populated areas. You should check out my equipment list to see what I’m using. Sometimes I use services such as Couchsurfing.com, and Warmshowers.org – two services that cater to travelers looking for contacts in different cities. Finally, I meet an awful lot of people who let me pitch a tent in their backyard, or sometimes invited into their house. People are awesome.

What do you eat?

Anything I can get my hands on to be honest! 6000 calories a day is what I am burning, and surely not putting that same amount in me. I wrote a detailed article on eating while bicycle touring you should read for more info! Of course in areas such as Africa this whole article is useless.

Do you get lonely?

Not really. There is enough going on to keep me occupied when I want to interact with people generally I stick to myself though. Afte long periods of time however I find that I start talking to myself. Saying goodbye to people I meet are the toughest.

Seen any xxxx?

Yes, I’ve seen bear, eagles, skunk, deer, elk, porcupine, cougar, fox, lynx, wolves, coyotes, dogs, cats, rats, mice, all sorts of lizards and a couple animals on two feet waving around beer bottles at 2am. They’re all generally harmless, just as spooked as I am for being noticed. The ones that have really spooked me have been the Bison, Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Giraffe.

Are you ever worried something is going to get you in your sleep?

After a few nights of tossing and turning because the littlest of sounds awoke me and wrecked my energy levels for the next day I took matters into my own hands and bought some earplugs – Now I can’t hear a single thing at night and rest well. If it happens it happens, and I take many steps to ensure that I’m not attracting attention.

Any regrets of your decision?



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