Equipment and Gear List

In 2009 after coming up with the idea to tour, I went through the motions of selling everything I owned, short of a few books and kitchen supplies. Things become very real once your bed is sold, so I moved to a furnished apartment to finish the rest of the selling and donating. I commenced the acquisition of gear and planning a budget for travels which is to be detailed on another page.

I've broken down the gear used into a few categories, and also list the decommissioned parts that just didn't cut it for me, broke, wore out, or were lost along the way. A fair amount of research has been done to find the right combination of gear, delicately balancing budget vs weight.


If you click on the the link of the gear it will open a new window with the option option to buy the part from a retailer that I have partnered with. While it is not much, I do receive a small commission which can help further my travels. Go ahead and check out the various parts and click on them for a photograph, more detailed information, and if you so wish, purchase one for yourself! It'll help me continue travelling.

In addition, you may wish to read how the equipment is handling itself (at the 34000km mark) here: Let's talk gear (and how it's faring out!) and the latest 2013 edition.

Costs are in Canadian currency, and all weight is measured in grams. Total Weight:
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39.9 kilograms

The Bicycle

Thorn Nomad MK2While a bicycle should last one an entire tour, I've switched my bicycle components around 2 years into riding. See, I hadn't ridden a bicycle in about 20 years and jumped into this literally over the course of a weekend of research. Luckily, the folks who gave me the first starting advice put me towards the right path and I chose a rock solid bicycle that is certainly capable of making it around the world. Being the over-engineering type, I started to think after I had put a significant amount of mileage on the first bicycle on how I can further increase my efficiency, save time, and still have a reliable bicycle. Check below for more info:

See Bicycle & Components Parts (17.7 kilograms)


Thorn Nomad MK IISince February 5, 2011 I have ridden the Thorn Raven Nomad MK II. It is manufactured in the UK to custom specifications. Numerous components stand out on this bike, such as the ability to charge electronics (GPS, Cellular Phone, Mp3 Player, Laptop) while riding, and an internally geared rear hub which allows for more reliability, better gear changing, with no loss of efficiency.

Parts Breakdown:

Component Type
Frame Thorn Raven Nomad MK II
Fork Thorn Raven Nomad MK II
Stem Thorn Nomad MK II Stem
Extra Stem Thorn Handlebar Extender
Handlebars Thorn Mk2 Comfort bar
Handlebar Grips Ergon GC-3 Grips
Brake Levers Shimano Deore M590
Brakes Swissstop Blue CSS
Shift Levers Rohlhoff 14 Speed Grip Shift
Crankset Thorn 110mm 5arm Reversible SINGLE ring - Black 40T
Bottom Bracket Shimano UN54 Bottom Bracket 73 mm Shell
Seatpost Thorn Nomad MK II
Seatpost Clamp Thorn Nomad MK II
Rear Hub Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 CC 14 speed gear hub 32h Silver with EX cable box
Chain KMC Z51 Chain 116 Links 7 / 8 Speed
Saddle Brooks B17 Imperial Black w/ Black Rails
Hub Front Schmidt SON 28 Dynamo
Spokes DT Swiss
Tires Schwalbe Marathon XR HS359 Folding - 26 x 2.25 Inch
Pedals Axiom MTB w/ PowerGrip Straps
Rims Rigida Andra 30 26" CSS


Fully Loaded This is a Surly Long Haul Trucker which I rode from 2009 - 2011. It's a very popular bike for long term cycle tourists and is made of components that are made to last and put up with virtually any conditions. I rode 17,230km on this beautiful steel bike before upgrading to my current bike. It's highly recommended for anyone looking to get a touring bike to circumnavigate the world, or just go for groceries down the road.

Parts Breakdown:

Component Type Description
Frame Surly Long Haul Trucker [buy] 100% Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. Main triangle double butted.
Fork Surly Long Haul Trucker [buy] 100% CroMoly, lugged and brazed. 1-1/8? threadless steer tube
Headset Ritchey Logic Comp [buy] 1-1/8? threadless, w/ 40mm spacers. Black
Stem Kalloy [buy] 1-1/8? threadless. Forged. 26.0mm clamp. Silver
Handlebars PMT Aluminum. Silver
Handlebar wrap Co-Union Cork Mix Black
Brake Levers Tektro [buy] R200A standard levers on 52-62cm sizes.
Brakes Tektro Oryx [buy] #992. Silver
Cable Hanger, front Tektro [buy] #1271A with noodle. Silver
Cable Hanger, rear N/A
Shift Levers Shimano Bar-end [buy] SL-BS77 9-speed
Front Derailleur Shimano Tiagra [buy] FD-4403 triple
Rear Derailleur Shimano XT [buy] RD-M761 SGS long cage
Crankset Andel Forged arms, Silver. Aluminum rings, 110mm BCD, 48-36-26t
Bottom Bracket Shimano UN53. 68x110mm
Seatpost Kalloy SP-342 27.2 x 300mm. Silver
Seatpost Clamp Surly Stainless Natural Silver
Cassette Shimano Deore CS-HG53. 9-speed. 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34t
Chain SRAM [buy] PC971 9-speed
Hubs Shimano XT HU-M770. 36h. Silver.
Spokes DT Swiss 14g stainless. Silver
Rims Alex Adventurer 36h. Black w/ eyelets.

These are the components that are bolted onto the side of the bicycle that didn't come stock from the factory.

Components (
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9.9 kilograms)


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Fenders Planet Bike Hardcore 538 $0.00 2011-02-05 Hardcore fenders for a hardcore bicycle. [buy]
Rear Rack Surly Nice Rack 1,260 $0.00 2011-02-05 A heavy beast of a rack built for abuse. I like the front lip on it to allow me to lift and hoist the bike more easily. [buy]
Front Rack Surly Nice Rack 1,382 $145.00 2009-03-17 A great front rack while a bit heavy, it is made out of steel and built to take a beating. Bonus points is that it has multiple mounts for lights and a top platform panel. [buy] [review]
Rear Panniers Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus 2,070 $179.00 2009-03-18 The standard in bicycle touring for panniers. Waterproof, fairly resilient, and a great mounting system. [buy]
Front Panniers Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus 1,680 $159.00 2009-03-19 The standard in bicycle touring for panniers. Waterproof, fairly resilient, and a great mounting system. [buy]
Handlebar Bag Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Large 700 $149.00 2009-03-20 A waterproof handlebar bag, while big, it can hold everything I need, and can be detached easily when leaving the bike.
Saddle Cover Jandd Saddle Cover 57 $12.00 2010-08-03 Keeps the Brooks Saddle from Getting Wet and destroyed.
Rack Pack Ortlieb Large 760 $102.00 2009-03-21 Made out of a PVC like material, its waterproof, and holds a surpring amount of gear. [buy]
Front Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt 140 $29.00 2009-06-01 Jeesh is this thing bright! Incredibly good on battery life as well. Very reasonably priced light to see the road rather than just be seen. [buy]
Rear Light Cat Eye LD-1100 0 $0.00 2011-02-07 A very bright dual rear light [buy]
Water Bottles x3 Nalgene All Terain 625ml 321 $24.00 2009-02-15 Great water bottles with a flip top to protect the mouthpiece from dust dirt and mud. Wide enough to accept water filters. [buy]
Lock Abus Bordo 6000 1,031 $139.00 2009-02-15 Super heavy lock that folds up in a unique way and is useful as a dog repellent as well. [buy]


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Rear Rack Axiom Journey 700 $30.00 2010-11-21 2011-02-02 Sold with Bike [buy]
Rear Rack Axiom Journey 700 $30.00 2008-10-16 2010-11-21 Broke [buy]
Front Rack Surly Nice Rack 1,382 $145.00 2009-03-17 2011-02-02 Sold with Bike [buy] [review]
Helmet Pryme Mortal 490 $21.50 2008-10-16 2011-10-17 Wore out [buy]
Helmet Pryme Mortal 490 $21.50 2011-10-17 2013-05-06 Lody [buy]
Front Light Planet Bike Blaze 2 Watt 140 $35.00 2010-05-29 2011-03-01 Turns off Randomly [buy]
Rear Light Planet Bike Super Flash 71 $14.75 2008-10-16 2010-06-01 Lost [buy]
Rear Light Planet Bike Super Flash 71 $14.75 2010-08-03 2011-03-01 Turns Off Randomly [buy]
Pump Topeak Road Morph G 220 $49.00 2009-02-15 2011-07-25 Shaft bent and Air nozzle snapped. Bad customer service [buy] [review]

Camping Gear

IMG_0442 Since finding a roof over my head at the end of the day can be difficult at the best of times, I figured it was best to carry camping gear so that I could go hop in the bush on the side of the road if necessary (I actually prefer this to campsites, pricey hotels, cramped hostels) and pitch a tent without anyone bothering me - also known as Stealth Camping.

See Camping Equipment (
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4.9 kilograms)


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Tent Hilleberg Footprint 226 $48.00 2011-08-05 [buy]
Sleeping Pad Outdoor Research Synmat 7 Deluxe 1,100 $0.00 2011-05-23 One of the most comfortable sleeps I've ever had in my life. Read the review. [buy]
Pillow Thermarest Compressible 255 $20.00 2009-06-01 If I didn't have this pillow I'd be sticking my face in dirty clothes at night for a pillow - Not my idea of comfort. [buy]
Sleeping Bag Ledge Scorpion +45 861 $45.00 2011-07-07 Lightweight for Summer months [buy]
Bag Liner Silk 0 $4.00 2012-11-01 Great for the summer when its too hot for a sleeping bag! [buy]
Tent Hilleberg Soulo 2,200 $560.00 2011-08-05 A true self supporting 4 season Ultralightweight Tent [buy]
Water MSR Dromedary Water Pack 6L 247 $29.00 2009-06-01 Holds an awful lot of water and can be hung from tree or strapped to rack for showers and drinking water. Indestructable Cordura. [buy]


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Tent Eureka Spitfire Solo 0 $139.00 2009-09-05 2010-04-20 Wanted Bigger Tent
Sleeping Pad Outdoor Research Synmat 7 Deluxe 1,100 $130.00 2009-06-01 2011-05-23 Faulty - Replaced on Warranty [buy]
Sleeping Bag Taiga 1001 Nights Dryloft 700fill 1,406 $350.00 2009-06-02 2011-07-07 Decomissioned for Winter Months
Bag Liner Silk 0 $20.00 2009-06-03 2012-11-01 Wore out [buy]
Tent Hilleberg Nallo GT 2 2,993 $450.00 2010-04-19 2011-11-07 Wanted Freestanding [review]
Tent MSR Hubba Hubba 2,041 $289.00 2011-02-25 2011-08-05 [buy]
Tent MSR Hubba Hubba Footprint 200 $34.00 2011-02-25 2011-08-05 [buy]
Sleeping Pad Thermarest Z-Lite 0 $35.00 2009-06-01 2009-06-16 Wanted Thicker [buy] [review]


As above, I can't guarantee that I'm going to have restaurants and grocery stores available to eat on demand, so one of my panniers is actually food and cooking supplies. I can cook a surprising amount of food with my little cook set, not to mention run any sort of fuel in my stove should I be in a remote location. If I didn't have my hot coffee in the morning, I don't think I'd make it more than 5km per day...

See Living Equipment (
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2.9 kilograms)


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Water Filter MSR Maintenance Kit 34 $0.00 2011-08-05 [buy]
Stove MSR Dragonfly 395 $117.00 2009-06-01 Beautiful lightweight small packing stove that runs on diesel-jet-kerosene-unleaded-and white gas [buy] [review]
Stove Service Kit MSR Kit 99 $10.00 2009-06-01 Yearly requirement to maintain a stove [buy] [review]
Fuel x2 MSR Fuel Bottle 22oz 624 $24.00 2009-06-01 I carry two of these on the site of my front bike rack in water bottle holders. [review]
Water Filtration MSR Miniworks Ex 456 $73.00 2009-06-01 Never used yet, but good enough to filter water at some point. [buy]
Cookware MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set 733 $47.00 2009-06-01 [buy]
Utensils Titanium Spork 15 $10.00 2009-06-01 Why carry both a fork and spoon when you can carry this? [buy]
Utensils Gsi Telescoping Spatula 28 $2.40 2009-06-01 I have used this once in 2 years. Do I need it? [buy]
Dishes MSR Alpine Plate 126 $8.00 2009-06-01 I can just use my pot lid instead
Utensil Can Opener 0 $0.60 2009-06-01 Very tiny useful little can opener that is good for thousands of uses
Cleaning Metal Scrubber 0 $1.10 2009-06-01
Utensils Gsi Mini Grater 39 $2.40 2009-06-01
Spices Gsi Spice Rack 94 $8.25 2009-06-01 Small Indestructible Lexan spice containers.
Caffeination Big Sky Coffee Press 205 $16.00 2010-02-17 The big daddy of coffee makers [buy] [review]
Cutting Board Thin Plastic 0 $0.25 2009-06-01
Storage Stainless Steel Flask 0 $0.00 2008-01-01 Used for storing alcohol to drink!
Misc Flat Sink Stopper 30 $1.00 2009-06-01 Wonderful for washing clothes and dishes in random sinks
Compass Swiss Army 0 $0.00 2001-04-01 Self explanatory
First Aid Kit Home made 0 $0.00 2009-06-01 Contains enough to patch me up and keep me going should things go sideways
Toilettrie Bag MEC (Medium) 0 $11.00 2010-02-01 A bit big for my liking, but can store enough to keep me on the go.
Storage Garbage & Zip Loc Bags 0 $0.00 2009-06-01


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Utensils Gsi Telescoping Spoon 37 $2.40 2009-06-01 2010-04-29 Sent home Apr 29, 2010 [buy]
Dishes MSR Alpine Bowl 102 $5.50 2009-06-01 2010-07-04 Sent Home July 4, 2010
Dishes Base Camp 500ml Mug 275 $10.50 2009-06-01 2009-09-17 Lost September 17, 2009
Flame Lighter 0 $2.99 2009-06-01 2011-05-21 LOST
Utensils Gsi Mini Whisk 1 $1.60 2009-06-01 2010-10-15 Useless
Utensils Knifes (Serated/Paring) 0 $0.00 2009-06-01 2009-07-17 Moved to Leatherman Wave
Cleaning Dish Towel 0 $0.00 2009-06-01 2010-04-08 Air dry!
Caffeination Gsi Ultralight Java Drip 0 $8.75 2009-06-01 2009-10-15 Terrible for making coffee
Caffeination Big Sky Coffee Press 205 $16.00 2010-02-17 2011-06-01 Broke [buy] [review]


Clothing I'm ready for all 4 seasons depending on where I'm going to be, and the key is layering my clothes. While in hot climates it's not necessary to have much clothes, so I end up wearing one of the layers in colder climates as a base layer. I've got enough clothes (and in my mind too many in general) to keep me going for a few weeks without washing them, as they stay generally clean, and are able to avoid most foul odours. I love my merino wool!

See Clothing List (
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2.1 kilograms)


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Clothing Icebreaker Atlas 150 0 $0.00 2010-07-17 Red loose fitting T-Shirt [buy] [review]
Bugs Full Body Netting 0 $12.00 2010-05-29 To protect me from Black flies moquitoes and other nasty winged things. I hate Bugs!
Rain Jacket Gore Wear Thunder 390 $120.00 2009-06-02 Great lightweight jacket that keeps the wet out and the wind away - Tore a hole in it.
Gloves Fingerless Type 60 $18.00 2009-02-02
Gloves Mec Full Finger 0 $25.00 2010-03-01
Headlamp Petzl Tactikka 80 $38.00 2009-06-01 Lasts about 15 hours per set of AAA batteries although they could be changed more often. Flip lid switches to red light to avoid destroying your night vision. [buy]
Helmet Cover MEC Downpour 50 $18.00 2010-02-17 Bright Yellow to let traffic know I am there.
Pants Showers Pass Hybrid Pants 610 $130.00 2010-03-01 Wondeful Pants with a zip off leg, until you lose the legs. [buy]
Pants Showers Pass Hybrid Pants 610 $99.00 2011-03-01 Wondeful Pants with a zip off leg, until you lose the legs. [buy]
Cleaning/Drying MSR Packtowel Original Large 33 $0.00 2011-08-08 [buy]
Safety Velcro Safety Reflectors X2 50 $6.00 2009-06-01 Good for wrapping around arm or ankle in wet days
Clothing Base Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 Contour Crewe 0 $56.00 2011-08-08 Grey Tight Fitting [buy] [review]
Clothing Base Smartwool 150 Shirt 0 $0.00 2011-08-08 Brown Loose Shirt [buy] [review]
Clothing Mid Icebreaker Mondo Zip 0 $71.00 2009-06-01 Black tight fitting base layer that can be worn for days and layer with others [buy] [review]
Clothing Mid Icebreaker Gt 180 Ls Chase Crew 0 $79.00 2009-06-01 Grey with green piping shirt that has vents in the armpits for sporting activities [review]
ClothingHeavy Icebreaker Quantum Zip 0 $0.00 2010-07-20 Great addon layer overtop of other merino products - Grey [buy] [review]
Swimwear Speedo 0 $10.00 2008-11-16 To look good!
Socks Icebreaker Bike Lite 0 $0.00 2010-07-20 Cool socks for riding in the summer however a bit short - ripped a hole in them putting them on. [buy] [review]
Sunglasses Bobster Street And Sport Ii 227 $30.00 2010-10-03 Arms detach to turn into goggles with straps. Comes with 3 different lenses Clear Smoke and Amber [buy]


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Wind Jacket Descente 280 $59.00 2009-06-01 2010-07-04 Sent Home
Gloves Fingerless Type 60 $20.00 2010-05-29 2011-11-01 Left in Canada
Gloves Sealskinz 499 $40.00 2010-10-19 2011-11-01 Left in Canada [buy]
Shorts x2 Cycling Shorts 320 $100.00 2009-06-01 2012-11-01 Left in Canada
Arm Warmers Mec Ps 70 $14.00 2009-06-01 Left at Home for Africa
Rain Pants Mec Rain Pants 500 $129.00 2010-05-28 Left at Home for Africa
Rain Pants Taigaworks Cyclotron 515 $199.00 2009-06-01 2010-05-28 Returned - Leaked
Cleaning/Drying MSR Packtowel Original Medium 33 $11.00 2009-06-01 2012-11-01 Lost [buy]
Shoe Covers Taigaworks Gaiters 190 $40.00 2009-06-01 Left at Home for Africa
Footwear Neon Green Holey Soles 400 $0.00 2001-05-05 2009-09-13 Lost
Safety Safety Vest 250 $0.00 2009-06-01 2010-07-04 Sent Home
Clothing Hat 50 $25.00 2009-06-01 2010-02-13 Lost
Clothing Hat 50 $25.00 2010-02-14 2010-06-15 Lost
Clothing Hat 50 $25.00 2010-08-03 2011-10-17 Lost
Clothing Base Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 Contour Crewe 0 $56.00 2009-06-01 2010-08-20 Wore out [buy] [review]
Clothing Base Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 Contour Crewe 0 $56.00 2009-06-02 2011-08-08 Wore Out Warranty [buy] [review]
Clothing Underwear X2 0 $0.00 2009-11-01
Sunglasses Mec Espresso 0 $31.00 2010-02-01 2010-04-29 Lost
Sunglasses Mec Espresso2 0 $31.00 2010-05-09 2010/7/1931 Lost

Tools & Spare Parts

While I try not to have too much weight, it makes sense to carry along a set of tools for maintenance of the bicycle and some spare parts should failures occur. Electrical tape and zip straps can usually get one out of most situations temporarily! Plus, it makes another passing cyclist feel really good if they are having a problem with their bicycle or gear and I can help them get back on their way with a quick fix.

See Tools and Spare Parts Listing (
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1.0 kilograms)


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Knife Spyderco Manix 2 Black 154 $110.00 2012-08-01 Great knife that sits in my pocket at all times. I tried to use it as a prybar and broke the tip off one day. Someone in Yellowknife reshaped it for me. [buy]
Multi Tool Leatherman Wave 275 $70.00 2012-08-01 I love this little knife, it took me a while to warm up to it. It has everything I need throughout the day to wear in its holsters. [buy] [review]
Bike Tool Crank Brothers Multi Tool 200 $31.00 2009-06-01 Nice small little package even with a spoke wrench!
Pedal Wrench Filzer Pedal Wrench 133 $16.50 2009-07-01 Moutned to my water bottle cage
Fastening Duct Tape 0 $3.00 2009-06-01
Fastening Zap Strap X8 0 $1.00 2009-06-01
Chain Chain Whip Cassette Remover 0 $0.00 2010-08-10
Misc Bungee Cords 0 $0.00 2009-06-01
Misc Nuts And Bolts 0 $0.00 2009-06-01
Misc Tire Patches 0 $5.00 2009-06-01
Misc Lube 0 $0.00 2009-06-01
Misc Nylon Rope 50ft 0 $4.00 2009-06-01
Spare Brake Cable 20 $1.80 2009-06-01
Spare Derailleur Cable 20 $1.70 2009-06-01
Spare Filzer Emergency Tire Boots 10 $5.50 2009-06-01
Misc S Biners X5 25 $12.00 2009-06-01 Absolutely essential for clipping things onto things, hanging off belt.
Misc Vise Grips 0 $0.00 2008-01-01
Spare Tube 26x2.0 inch 175 $5.00 2009-06-01


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Knife Spyderco Mini Manix 154 $160.00 2010-03-17 2012-08-01 Stolen
Multi Tool Leatherman Wave 275 $70.00 2009-06-01 2012-08-01 Stolen [buy] [review]
Attitude Adjuster Rubber Mallet 0 $4.00 2009-09-15 2011-10-17 Left at Home for Africa
Spare Kool Stop Eagle Ii Brake Pads 50 $4.50 2009-06-01 Sold with Bike

Technology and Electronics

The pile of technology In order to keep in contact with friends and family, update the website, archive and upload photos, reload music players, I carry the following electronic components with me to make my life easier. The goal now is consoidation, and I'm always on the look out for shock proof, water resistant tools that have good warranties. So far it's a bit of a pipe dream.. The worst part of the mass of electronics is the fact that I have to charge each component and some of them come with their own proprietary charging connectors. I've attempted to standardize on Mini USB. I have a series of components that allow me to charge everything that I own while riding. It takes a while to get things fully charged, but I figured since I was riding anyways, I should get some benefit out of it, saving me an hour a day trying to find AC power to keep components running.

See Technology and Electronics Listing (
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1.3 kilograms)


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Computer Asus UX32VD 0 $1.600.00 2012-08-01 Very impressive I7 Laptop with 1080p display and 512mb ssd 12gb Ram [buy]
GPS Garmin Edge 705 150 $545.00 2009-06-01 Great for recording statistics, and finding directions
Camera Canon S95 280 $349.00 2011-10-17
Tripod Joby Gorilla Pod 45 $23.00 2009-06-01 Neat Unique tripod however I found that the joints crack
Video Kodak ZX3 0 $99.00 2011-10-17 HD Video Camera
Charger B&M E-Werk 53 $130.00 2010-12-01 This allows me to convert 6V AC from my Dynamo to up to 13volts while riding to charge USB and other components [review]
Hard Disk WD Essentials 320GB 226 $99.00 2001-09-11 For backing up data
E-Reader Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 290 $200.00 2013-02-01 Late night book reading [buy]
Hard Disk Iomega 1TB 154 $90.00 2028-11-02 Ran out of space on the 320! Will use it as a mail swap.
Charger 12V Car Laptop Charger 0 $1.00 2011-02-01 Modified to Accept Charging of Laptop while riding
Cables Misc Cables 0 $0.00
Phone Samsung Galaxy S3 137 $350.00 2013-03-01


Photo Type Model Weight Cost Added Description
Gaming Nintendo DS Lite 0 $100.00 2009-10-11 2011-11-01 Didn't use the entire trip across Canada
Camera Canon G9 370 $150.00 2009-06-01 2011-10-17 Upgraded
Video Zoom Q3 284 $140.00 2010-04-07 2010-12-16
Computer Acer Timeline 1410 1,410 $499.00 2010-02-01 2010-08-03
Computer Acer Timeline 1830T 1,410 $549.00 2010-08-27
Radio Marathon ETFR 85 $20.00 2010-12-01 Left at Home for Africa
Mp3 Player Sansa E260 8GB 75 $80.00 2001-07-03 2011-07-07 Moved to Iphone 4
E-Reader Amazon Kindle 290 $200.00 2010-04-20 2013-02-01 Upgraded [buy]
Sound Portable Speakers 16 $45.00 2010-04-07 2011-06-01 Lost
Sound Portable Speakers 16 $45.00 2011-06-01 2012-12-01 Lost and Broke
Sound Portable Speakers 16 $45.00 2011-06-01 2012-12-01 Lost and Broke
Charger USB AA/AAA Charger 0 $2.00 2011-03-01 2012-11-01
Spare Battery 4000maH USB Battery 120 $50.00 2010-08-23
Spare Battery Duracell Power Charge USB Battery 120 $62.00 2010-04-29
Phone Apple Iphone 4 137 $350.00 2011-07-07 2013-01-01 Moved to Iphone 4
Phone Apple Iphone 3G 135 $0.00 2008-06-01 2011-07-07 Moved to Iphone 4
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