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Formed: 1905
Population: 3,724,832 people
Area: 661,848 sq/ kilometres

Wild Rose Country - Joined Canada in 1905, it houses world reknowned National Parks, increasing archaeological finds of dinosaurs from millions of years past, and rolling hills for farmers looking to make a living with wheat and cattle. It also has a rich resource driving the province forward - Oil. Regarded as the Texas of the North by some, Alberta's vast landscapes will captivate you. Government of Alberta Website Alberta Wikipedia Entry Alberta Tourism

My Experience

My experience in Alberta was split while I took a break from touring to go back to the Northwest Territories. However, even between the break the weather stayed mostly the same - rainy, cloudy and unpredictable. I even had snow on July 10th in the western part of the province! With its rolling hills Alberta has a lot to offer for the bicycle tourist, with beautiful scenery and lots of small towns to stop in to restock up on supplies.

Recommended to do the Columbia Icefields, and take a trek to go check out the museum in Drumheller, AB where tonnes of relics, bones and fossils exist from when Dinosaurs roamed the area.

There is alot of desolate area in Alberta with many towns abandoned. Make sure you stock up, and watch out for some of the wild weather that can change at any moment.

Favorite part about Alberta: 3G Wireless Internet everywhere on my cellular phone!


Journal Entries

The following is a list of journal entries I wrote while travelling through Alberta. Click one to read!



Distance Traveled: 1265.47 km
Distance Ascended: 7,755 m
Distance Descended: 8,101 m
Energy Consumed: 57,826 calories
Overall Cost: $1,035.44
    Food: $413.81
    Drink: $88.55
    Transport: $214.33
    Entertainment: $10.00
    Equipment: $259.75
    Misc: $49.00
Longest Day: 2010-07-14 - 211.47 km
Most Climbed: 2010-07-11 - 1158.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2010-07-14 - 10873.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2010-07-16 - $ 260.83

Daily Statistics

Date Location Distance (km) Cost ($CAD) Map
2010-08-09 Youngstown, AB, CA 88.04 $8.92 Map
2010-08-08 Delia, AB, CA 67.50 $46.12 Map
2010-08-07 Drumheller, AB, CA 100.84 $22.32 Map
2010-08-06 Stettlin, AB, CA 130.29 $16.24 Map
2010-08-05 Hay Lakes, AB, CA 71.85 $119.00 Map
2010-08-04 Edmonton, AB, CA 10.00 $74.00
2010-08-03 Edmonton, AB, CA 0.00 $107.00
2010-07-16 Edmonton, AB, CA 39.85 $260.83 Map
2010-07-15 Stony Creek, AB, CA 129.86 $22.86 Map
2010-07-14 Carot Creek, AB, CA 211.47 $94.25 Map
2010-07-13 Jasper, AB, CA 0.00 $0.00 Map
2010-07-12 Jasper, AB, CA 106.37 $2.90 Map
2010-07-11 Columbia Icefields, AB, CA 96.24 $9.00 Map
2010-07-10 Bow Lake, AB, CA 100.37 $90.00 Map
2010-07-09 Banff, AB, CA 5.91 $90.00 Map
2010-07-08 Banff, AB, CA 2.10 $62.00 Map
2010-07-07 Banff, AB, CA 104.78 $10.00 Map


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