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Formed: 1871
Population: 4,494232 people
Area: 944,735 sq/ kilometres

British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada's provinces and is known for its natural beauty, as reflected in its Latin motto, Splendor sine occasu ("Splendour without Diminishment"). Its name was chosen by Queen Victoria in 1858. In 1871, it became the sixth province of Canada. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, the fifteenth largest metropolitan region in Canada. The largest city is Vancouver, the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest. Much of the province is wild or semi-wild, so that populations of many mammalian species that have become rare in much of the United States still flourish in British Columbia. Watching animals of various sorts, including a very wide range of birds, has also long been popular. Bears (grizzly, black, and the Kermode bear or spirit bear—only found in British Columbia) live here, as do deer, elk, moose, caribou, big-horn sheep, mountain goats, marmots, beavers, muskrat, coyotes, wolves, mustelids (such as wolverines, badgers and fishers), Cougar, eagles, ospreys, herons, Canada geese, swans, loons, hawks, owls, ravens, Harlequin Ducks, and many other sorts of ducks. Smaller birds (robins, jays, grosbeaks, chickadees, etc.) also abound. BC Government Webpage Wikipedia Entry Tourism BC Webpage

My Experience

I cycle toured through British Columbia, my home province on a few seperate tours:

The first tour involved traveling from Vancouver through the Fraser Valley to Abbotsford and back to see if I actually liked riding a bike after not riding one for close to 20 years. The weather was a mixed bag, and I was exhausted at the end of it, with multiple flat tires. I was frustrated, but not going to let that deter me from further tours.

The second tour was a shakedown test to get on the bike and test equipment. I rode this tour with a partner and cycled up the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, taking multiple ferries across different passage ways trekking to a beach on one of the farthest western points of Canada to celebrate my 31st birthday and to partake in the Soundwave Musical Festival that occurred from July 10-12, 2009.

The intent of this tour was to shake out any issues with equipment, understand logistics of cooking, camping, and water consumption.

The path taken is partially based upon the book Bicycling the Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide, Canada to Mexico. An excellent resource detailing distance, elevation, sights and waypoints such as campgrounds and hostels. Highly recommended.

The next tour was very brief. Less than 35 km as I traveled through on the way down to Mexico via Washington, Oregon, and California.

Finally, on the fourth round going across Canada, I took the long way and spent the most time out of any province or territory exploring the beautiful gulf islands, Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, and visiting the pristine Kootenays, capturing a couple thousand photographs of beautiful landscapes, rare wildlife like the Kermodei Bear (Albino White Black Bear), and stopped in to say one final goodbye to family members and friends. The weather was great for the majority of time, however the climbs were some of the toughest of the entire trip.


For the most part, BC roads are reasonable for cyclists, most have proper shoulders and traffic generally gives you ample space, unless of course when you are riding through cities. Many cities are now including dedicated Bicycle Lanes to ensure your safety.


Journal Entries

The following is a list of journal entries I wrote while travelling through BC. Click one to read!


Another poorly timed update

Sudden Setbacks

Back in Balance

Darkness Calling

Writer’s Block


Diamond in the Rough

Puncture Problems

Goin’ Fishing

Gear Purge (For sale: Tent & Stove)

Making the Most of your GPS Data

Questions of the Day

Return to Windhoek

Thinking out loud

2013 Gear Checkup

It only takes one


Never Alone

Digital Panhandling

Things I wish someone told me before setting off on a World Tour

I need help. You might be able to!

Return to Rwanda

Pondering a Career Change

Vacation is Over

Victorian Loop

Ups and Downs

300 covered, 700 to go..

All directions lead to greatness

Go while it’s good

Lifestyles of the Stinky and Homeless

The Pearl

Obstacle Course

Deja Vu

LED Lenser P3BM Flashlight

The Book

Blood, Sweat, and Gears

The curse

Exit Strategy

You clothed (and equipped) 36 Children!

Here we go again..

Manifest Destiny

Water Illnesses


Pressing Pause

The Silent Treatment

Burning out

Mind tricks

Peace Lake Unadulterated Ridiculousness (PLUR)

Let’s talk Gear (and find out how it’s worked)

A sense of familiarity

Village hopping

Say What?

The most beautiful riding

Rhodes, Ruins, Rest

Endless Searching

Endless Searching

Physically up, Mentally Down

Physically up, Mentally Down

Race against time

My Dirty Little (Stinking) Secret

My Dirty Little (Stinking) Secret

What’s happening?

Currencies Around the World

TseTse Fly And Bicycle Touring

Mixed Up Messages

Crossing Lines

Overpowered by Emotions

New Bicycle Touring Resource–Bicycle Touring Hub

And so it draws to a close

Bicycle Touring and Malaria


Green Pastures

Bobster Street and Sport II Goggles/Sunglasses

Preventative Maintenance

Topeak Cargo Net

Recharged and Rolling Again

Help clothe some children in Zimbabwe

More of the same

Ripped Garments, Saddle Sores and Discharge

A tale of two water bottles

How quickly things change

How quickly things change

Muffled Divide

2012 Wall Calendars

Baboons and Barbarians

Realigning 1st World Priorities into 3rd World

Continent Switch!

New Free Bicycle Traveler Magazine

Optimizing your WordPress Website

Coast to Coast to Coast

The adventure continues..

Playa Bound

So close I can taste the dust..

Lonely Roads

Milestones in Moab

MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

It gets better

The Land of Entrapment

Desert Delirium


Don’t mess with….

Deep in the Heart of

Stars at night, Big and Bright

iHome iHM77 Capsule Speakers

Burning the Candle from both ends

The Path of Destruction

Ashamed of my Hometown

Getting Festive

Southern Comfortable

The results are in – We won!

Into the Heartland

Unexpected States and Losses

Heat and Hills

MSR Dragonfly Multi Fuel Stove

Welcomed Changes All Around

City Saturation

My love affair with Merino Wool

State Lines a plenty

Backing up your Data for Free in the Cloud

Sunshine changes everything

Following the Beam

Ruffling feathers on both sides of the Border

None of the above

Choose your own Misadventure

Working out the kinks

Fiddling and Fumbling

Onwards to the next Phase..

Scientifical Wild Assed Guesses

Trying to get off the Rock

Pedal Powered Electronics Charging System

The Click Stand – Folding Bike Stand

Thorn Nomad MK2

Coming out of Hibernation

Safer Computing in Internet Cafes

For Sale: Surly Long Haul Trucker

Data Protection while Traveling

2011 Wall Calendars Available

A whole lot of Statistics

For Sale: Hilleberg Nallo GT Tent – SOLD


Now What?


Things fall apart

Riding the Rock

Beating the bad weather

East Coast Riding

Heading into Merry Times


C’est Bien!

Sitting out the Soakage

Historical Waterfront Riding

The Centre of the Universe

Soggy tents and windy roads.

Sand in my Underpants (The Video Post)

Detouring off the beaten path

Living in the future at present

Superior Riding

Staring at Satellites

The Windy City


Ghost Towns and Diversions

Exped SynMat 7 Deluxe Mattress

Dinosaurs in Drumheller

Return to Riding

Food: What I’m eating While Touring

Mechanical (Mental?) Meltdowns

Find out what’s going on in my head?

Rocky Riding


Rolling over the odometer

A few minor website tweaks

Sparkles from the Diamond in the North

Made it to Yellowknife

Getting Excited for Yellowknife

Buggin’ Out

Rut Averted

All I want for Christmas is two cans of DEET

It sets in.

Parting shots from Mother Nature

Night of the living bugs

Leaving the Yukon with no Gold

An even slower way of looking at the world

Awake in the land of the Midnight Sun

Riding the White Horse

Free Canada Topographical Maps for your GPS

Yukon Ho!

One wrong turn, two big climbs, countless grins

Don’t let your innerspace become your Outerspace

Desolate Stretches

What’s on the Kindle?

Getting your E-Book Reader to read various Formats

Travelling down the Highway of Tears (and sweat, and snot, and..)

Hey, Mom!

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

The great not so white North

Till we meet again Pacific..

If you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour…

Heading North.

For Sale: Eureka Spitfire Solo Tent – SOLD

Bugs and Bear Country

Growling a bit at the Garmin GPS

Suffering up the switchbacks

The Velvet Rut

Island hopping

First Day Fumbles

Chapter What?

A different perspective

Rebuilding my Pyramid

Interactive Temperature Map for Canada

Temperatures for Canada – Full List

Free Maps for your Garmin GPS Device

The Final Stretch

Donations / Sponsorships

Want to come ride with me?

The Plan (is no plan)

Big Sky Bistro Coffee Press/Mug

Facing my Fears

Farewell to 2009

Stationary Bicycle Touring

Failures and Replacements

Tips & Tricks

First Aid Kits

Life for sale

Phase 2 summary

Day 30 – In and Out

Día 30 – Lo conseguí

Day 30 – Making a run for the border..

Day 29 – Escaped from Los Angeles

Day 29 – Straight into Compton..

Day 29 – Need a LAXative

Day 28 – I think?

Day 27 – Front row viewing..

Day 27 – Morale Boosters

Day 26 – Things unravel..

Day 26 – Easy ridin’

Day 25 – Break the Chain!

Day 24 – Back on the road

Day 23 – Well Deserved Relaxation

Day 22 – Clairvoyant

Day 22 – More off course oddities

Day 21 – No pants party in a No party zone.

Day 21 – Drastic Change of Course

Day 20 – I left *nothing* in San Francisco

Day 19 – A roof over my head?

Day 19 – So close to the Bay Area

Day 18 – Leisurely Riding with good crew

Day 17 – Foggy Rehabilitation

Day 16 – Multiple Repair Kits required

Day 15 – Heat: 103 – Dave: 0

Day 14 – Eureka!

Day 13 – Crazy Climbing

Day 12 – Crazies in Crescent City

Day 12 – Time limited….

Day 11 – Growl

Day 10 – The end

Day 10 – Found shade, and Wifi!

Day 10 – Stop in Reedsport

Day 9 – Hotter than..

Day 8 – Or! Or! Or!

Day 8 – The old 101

Day 7 – No rest just a recharge

Day 6 – The crash

Day 6 – Seaside

Day 5 – Goodbye Washington, Hello Oregon!

Day 4 – 10 hours in the saddle

Day 4 – Deviant

Day 4 -Finding free wi-fi is more difficult than you’d think.

Day 3 – Regret is a terrible thing.

Day 3 – Wrong turn

Day 2

Day 1 – A fantastic start..


On being injured….

$tatus check

Itching to get back into the saddle..


One year older, in Port Alberni

And we’re off!

Sleep Deprivation

Human Billboard

Nervous Anticipation

Best Shave Ever

Battery Powered Speaker System for Bicycles

Slight Miscalculation in Distances and Timings..

Thermarest Z-Lite Sleeping Pad

Dumpster Diving

Topeak Road Morph ‘G’ Frame Pump


Airline Robbery

Technology thoughts

Surly “Nice Rack” front rack

Goodbye, Slickasauruses

WTB Slickasaurus Tires

Visa Thoughts

Finally, a sore butt.


Upgrading, already!

The Panniers are in!

Equipment + Wishlists + Thoughts

Training Wheels



Distance Traveled: 5119.77 km
Distance Ascended: 41,489 m
Distance Descended: 40,598 m
Energy Consumed: 193,439 calories
Overall Cost: $2,720.37
    Food: $1,341.58
    Drink: $452.47
    Transport: $573.42
    Entertainment: $15.00
    Equipment: $137.20
    Misc: $94.75
Longest Day: 2010-05-09 - 169.54 km
Most Climbed: 2010-05-21 - 1470.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2010-05-12 - 6460.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2010-05-27 - $ 356.11

Daily Statistics

Date Location Distance (km) Cost ($CAD) Map
2011-09-13 Surrey, BC, CA 0.00 $0.00
2010-07-06 Crooks Meadow, BC, CA 95.50 $79.29 Map
2010-07-05 Fairmont, BC, CA 115.59 $63.13 Map
2010-07-04 Cranbrook, BC, CA 75.71 $49.15 Map
2010-07-03 Kragmont, BC, CA 0.00 $0.00 Map
2010-07-02 Kragmont, BC, CA 0.00 $0.00 Map
2010-06-13 N59 35.826/W123 06.925, BC, CA 119.94 $38.00 Map
2010-06-12 Fort Nelson, BC, CA 3.57 $152.77 Map
2010-06-11 Fort Nelson, BC, CA 103.95 $120.88 Map
2010-06-10 Tetsa River Regional Park, BC, CA 96.30 $42.25 Map
2010-06-09 Toad River, BC, CA 114.06 $14.25 Map
2010-06-08 Liard Hot Springs, BC, CA 114.84 $18.50 Map
2010-06-07 N59 52.580/W127 24.341, BC, CA 103.33 $28.11 Map
2010-05-28 Vancouver, BC, CA 2.58 $93.50 Map
2010-05-27 Cranbrook, BC, CA 10.86 $356.11 Map
2010-05-26 Cranbrook, BC, CA 112.20 $19.65 Map
2010-05-25 Creston, BC, CA 96.66 $20.00 Map
2010-05-24 Riondell, BC, CA 32.65 $35.00 Map
2010-05-23 Nelson, BC, CA 106.60 $68.55 Map
2010-05-22 New Denver, BC, CA 105.55 $63.50 Map
2010-05-21 Fauqier, BC, CA 122.93 $16.00 Map
2010-05-20 Lavington, BC, CA 74.37 $22.00 Map
2010-05-19 Westbank, BC, CA 68.98 $32.50 Map
2010-05-18 n50.17.531/w119.23.599, BC, CA 120.90 $16.50 Map
2010-05-17 Kamloops, BC, CA 85.39 $23.00 Map
2010-05-16 Barrierre, BC, CA 131.73 $25.60 Map
2010-05-15 Avola, BC, CA 132.10 $60.00 Map
2010-05-14 Valemont, BC, CA 86.00 $20.00 Map
2010-05-13 McBride, BC, CA 100.00 $41.00 Map
2010-05-12 Dome Creek Rest Stop, BC, CA 134.90 $28.50 Map
2010-05-11 Prince George, BC, CA 2.86 $12.75 Map
2010-05-10 Prince George, BC, CA 145.17 $22.25 Map
2010-05-09 Fort Fraser, BC, CA 169.54 $27.50 Map
2010-05-08 Houston, BC, CA 94.74 $24.55 Map
2010-05-07 Moricetown, BC, CA 103.80 $24.40 Map
2010-05-06 Kitwanga, BC, CA 110.00 $21.50 Map
2010-05-05 Terrace, BC, CA 63.38 $22.00 Map
2010-05-04 Exchamisks River, BC, CA 95.33 $23.36 Map
2010-05-03 Prince Rupert, BC, CA 20.38 $72.00 Map
2010-05-02 Queen Charlotte, BC, CA 137.10 $6.75 Map
2010-05-01 Agate Beach, BC, CA 90.32 $28.00 Map
2010-04-30 Port Clements, BC, CA 95.88 $12.00 Map
2010-04-29 Queen Charlotte, BC, CA 17.97 $101.30 Map
2010-04-28 Ocean, BC, CA 11.88 $151.00 Map
2010-04-27 Port Hardy, BC, CA 100.12 $15.05 Map
2010-04-26 Woss, BC, CA 67.00 $18.25 Map
2010-04-25 Sayward, BC, CA 95.76 $42.70 Map
2010-04-24 Miracle Beach, BC, CA 100.26 $18.95 Map
2010-04-23 Parksville, BC, CA 79.73 $51.00 Map
2010-04-22 Chemanius, BC, CA 105.22 $15.22 Map
2010-04-21 Port Renfrew, BC, CA 68.74 $10.25 Map
2010-04-20 French Beach, BC, CA 73.85 $5.25 Map
2010-04-19 Victoria, BC, CA 24.00 $26.00 Map
2010-04-18 Victoria, BC, CA 0.00 $40.00 Map
2010-04-17 Victoria, BC, CA 7.79 $11.00 Map
2010-04-16 Victoria, BC, CA 11.52 $32.00 Map
2010-04-15 Victoria, BC, CA 6.09 $63.00 Map
2010-04-14 Victoria, BC, CA 10.03 $42.00 Map
2010-04-13 Victoria, BC, CA 42.99 $44.50 Map
2010-04-12 Galiano Island, BC, CA 51.80 $64.50 Map
2010-04-11 Galiano Island, BC, CA 34.62 $18.90 Map
2010-04-10 Mayne Island, BC, CA 40.62 $46.70 Map
2010-04-09 Saturna Island, BC, CA 27.67 $28.00 Map
2010-04-08 Saltspring Island, BC, CA 0.00 $0.00 Map
2010-04-07 Saltspring Island, BC, CA 73.72 $30.00 Map
2009-07-08 Ucluelet, BC, CA 25.00 $
2009-07-07 Port Alberni, BC, CA 45.00 $
2009-07-06 Coombs, BC, CA 102.00 $
2009-07-05 Saltery Bay, BC, CA 82.00 $
2009-07-04 Robert's Creek, BC, CA 66.00 $
2009-05-25 Vancouver, BC, CA 61.70 $
2009-05-24 Abbotsford, BC, CA 55.70 $
2009-05-23 Surrey, BC, CA 35.30 $


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