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Located in Africa, Mozambique (formally called the Republic of Mozambique) can be found at Latitude: -25.965278 and Longitutde: 32.589167 occupying 799,380 sq/km of area. At last count, Mozambique has the population of 21,971,000 residents (with an annual 1.80% growth rate) who are known as Mozambican(s).

The Flag for Mozambique

Mozambique is on the southeast coast of Africa. About half the country features low coastal plains, but the land rises to high plateaus and mountains in the north and west. Many large rivers, such as the Zambezi and Limpopo, drain the savanna plateaus, emptying into the Indian Ocean. Mozambique has a tropical climate that can produce heavy rainfall and flooding along the rivers, especially in the north. Drought is common in the south. Most Mozambicans live along the coasts or in the river valleys in rural communities. More than 80 percent of the people are subsistence farmers. Illiteracy and poverty, while still high, are being reduced due to government and international aid efforts. Recently, more than three million Mozambicans have been brought out of poverty, and one million more children are attending school, according to the World Bank. After nearly five centuries of Portuguese presence, Mozambique won independence in 1975. An exodus of skilled Portuguese workers followed, and the country became a one-party state allied to the Soviet bloc. In 1989 the government renounced Marxism, and a democratic constitution was written in 1990. Fighting between the government and right-wing guerrillas killed thousands and displaced more than four million people by 1992. Since 1994, multiparty elections have brought reforms that are improving education and diversifying the economy away from small-scale agriculture.

37% of Mozambican(s) live in urban centers, and 48% can read and write one of the many languages such as Emakhuwa, Xichangana, Portuguese, Elomwe, Cisena, Echuwabo, other local languages. Mozambican(s) have an average life expectancy rate of 43 years and most follow the Christian, Muslim, indigenous beliefs religions. 81% Agriculture of Mozambican(s) work in the agriculture industry which produces , and 6% Industry work in the industry producing food, beverages, chemicals, aluminum, petroleum products, textiles, cement, glass, tobacco. Another 13% Services work in the services sector such as tourism and retail environments. aluminum, prawns, cashews, cotton, sugar, citrus, timber, bulk electricity are regularly exported to other countries in the world from Mozambique. The Gross Domestic Product per capita is $900 with 4.30% annual growth.

Mozambique uses the telephone country code of 258 and internet hosts use the .mz suffix. Mozambique uses the Meticail (MZM).


My Experience

Road Conditions: Terrible – Sinkholes on tar roads, no shoulders and many dirt roads including deep sand most of the way
Hills: Light hills, some challenging due to the road conditions
Weather: Hot on the Coast, cloudy and misty inland
Best Beer: Manica

Visa Cost: $82 USD
Visa Length: 30 days


Journal Entries

The following is a list of journal entries I wrote while traveling through Mozambique. Click one to read!

Village hopping

Say What?



Distance Traveled: 988.93 km
Distance Ascended: 5,108 m
Distance Descended: 5,882 m
Energy Consumed: 42,889 calories
Overall Cost: $89.35
    Food: $50.83
    Drink: $30.24
    Lodging: $0.00
    Transport: $0.00
    Entertainment: $3.96
    Equipment: $4.32
    Misc: $0.00
Longest Day: 2012-04-27 - 138.04 km
Most Climbed: 2012-04-26 - 850.00 m
Most Energy Burned: 2012-04-27 - 5047.00 calories
Most Expensive Day: 2012-04-30 - $ 26.71

Daily Statistics

Date Location Distance (km) Cost ($CAD) Map
2012-05-09 Tamboni, MZ 75.52 $2.88 Map
2012-05-08 Mocuba, MZ 18.77 $20.52 Map
2012-05-07 Mocuba, MZ 46.47 $1.80 Map
2012-05-06 Nhaluanda, MZ 103.64 $3.78 Map
2012-05-05 Amoro, MZ 107.79 $1.80 Map
2012-05-04 Coircu, MZ 108.61 $6.12 Map
2012-05-03 Inhamitanga, MZ 95.70 $2.88 Map
2012-05-02 Muanza, MZ 88.62 $0.00 Map
2012-05-01 Beira, MZ 15.18 $0.00 Map
2012-04-30 Beira, MZ 15.18 $26.71 Map
2012-04-29 Beira, MZ 0.00 $12.24
2012-04-28 Beira, MZ 74.44 $9.90 Map
2012-04-27 Middle of Nowhere, MZ 138.04 $0.00 Map
2012-04-26 Chimoioi, MZ 100.97 $0.72 Map


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