My goal is to make it around the world via a bicycle. There are good days, and there are bad days. At this stage more than good – otherwise I’d stop. This is where I’d like to ask for support from you to assist me in continuing the journey.

Come Back!

I spend an awful lot of time making sure this website is updated with recent information, having repeat viewers who not only read the postings, but interact with me via the comments makes me feel great after a tough day. For micro-updates, you can also follow along with my updates on Twitter, or my Facebook page which is updated more frequently than this website.

A place to stay

Most of the time I am scrambling to find a place to stay as I cycle, so if you see where I am and you live somewhere in the vicinity and can offer space for me to pitch a tent in the backyard, and maybe even a shower I would appreciate it! Friends and relatives too, I’m full of stories and would be glad to share some of them in exchange for the hospitality! I do my best to keep in touch with everyone along the way who has helped me out and even mark it down so that I don’t forget.

A job

I’m not opposed to staying in one location for periods of time if there is a reason to. One of them would be the offering of a job where I could make a bit of extra money, while being able to rest at the same time from pedaling every day. I left a job in computers and my technical knowledge is vast. I could help you with the most basic of support all the way to implementation of new business software, to auditing your code for security vulnerabilities. Outside of that, I’m physically fit, and not opposed to working on a farm, putting some muscle into things, building structures, and dealing with people. This doesn’t even need to me compensating in monetary values either. Room and board would suffice in most situations.

An audience to speak to

I’d love to speak to your classroom, club, or organization about my journey, and share some photos, videos and stories of the journey thus far.

A place to send mail to

I regularly get asked by friends and family where I am to be next who want to send letters or packages to me. This is one of the most frustrating things as when I am 1 month away from somewhere, It is difficult to gain contacts who would be able to accept things for me.

Advice on the Area

Most of my travels are by the seat of my pants with minimal research. It would be nice to know what to see when I am in your area beyond what they offer in visitors guides and tourist publications. It could be anything, the best beer, quietest place to meditate, routes to avoid due to heavy traffic/crime.

Hanging Out

There is only so much time I can spend by myself. I’d be forever grateful for someone to show me around the city, or even as little as meeting for coffee.


I’m a bit leery on plastering myself with advertisements and logos, but if you have an opportunity where it could work out mutually between us, I’d love to hear from you. This could be evaluating your products and getting a detailed report on how it fared in terms of travel, or lifestyle suitability.


I’m not rich, and I’m not looking for your money. But if you had an extra gift certificate that you weren’t going to use, frequent flyer points, or travel insurance contacts, I could sure put it to use. I do have a PayPal account for those who wish to donate monetary funds, but again – that’s not entirely what I’m about.


Buy from my Affiliates

Did you see any advertisements on this site? They are at a minimum, based on the equipment that I use to travel. I receive a commission from the vendor if one of my readers buys a product from my website. I’m trying to be completely open with my experiences with the products, and when time allows write detailed reviews on the individual components. I even list the components that didn’t work out for me. They might for you though.


Tell your friends

My hope is that readers tell other people about my story, how I came within breaking point and stepped back from a stress filled life to find happiness in myself. If I can help one person that is in the situation I was in along, then everything is worthwhile.

Thank you so much for the support thus far. When I left my journey I was pretty mad at the world, and have since had my hope restored 100x due to the generosity, and uniqueness of each person I interact with.



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